64 bit client when?

Wasn’t there supposed to be a 64 bit client in the works from before the relaunch? What happened to that?

It hit some kind of technical hurdle that halted development. Never looked into it further so I gotta base that on hearsay but that was the last time I heard of it.

Last time I heard of it it was put in the same category as housing. One may dream of but it most likely won’t happen in this reality.

Not quite the same. Tron had actively been working on a 64-bit client and even talked about it on discord at the time. As Leo said, the project had to be shelved.

Given the game’s age and general state of disrepair, I feel like the 64 bit version was a total placebo that wouldn’t really have fixed much.


Updating all of the ancient crap that SWL incorporates would probably have been the real benefit, rather than “I can has moar bits”. But based on what Tron said, that was the problem. Either it wasn’t possible or it would’ve exceeded the resources available.

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64 bit is the least of the client issues:

  • The UI uses an ancient version of Flash
  • The in-game web-browser is a release candidate of an ancient & discontinued fork of Chrome (Awesomium v1.6 RC3) from 2011.

That’s fair,

Did they ever even officially start supporting Win8 and up? I remember a few times on the old forums people were told their OS was why the game ran poorly since it wasn’t officially supported.