8 months ago... deep in early access


So 8 months ago I was a player. Running a clan on a server called Phoenix. Phoenix was a popular 10x pvp server. we had just arrived and decided to rush to west just south of the mounds of the dead where the desert and the tundra met. We built a base and learned a clan was close by. We attempted to friendly. My idea was to have good neighbors as I knew personally I could not be on 24/7. Sadly one of my younger members blabbed we had nearly 10 members in our clan. This instead scared our neighbor who decided to raid us that same day. Now his clan was all from Brazil and they were very active and sadly they were cheaters. We did not know they were. We would learn later. Eventually a day later on a Tuesday I decided to put down a level 3 ymir shrine. This was when glacier crack was probably the best 1hand weapon in the game for pvp. I always checked my event logs and happened to do so as I Was in our base with a clan mate getting mats to make glacier crack. When I Realized the log showed it had been destroyed… just 5 mintues after I put it up. At that moment I realized the war was on. It was 11am est. The battle began swiftly after… and it would continue for over 16 hours. It was a constant back and forth of us pushing toward their base and and they retreating and coming back till finally about 12 hours into the fight we began to blow up their massive Black ice Fortress. I had a clan mate dedicated to making explosive jars… to replenish the ones we were using. It was about 3am the next day and after destroying over 5000 worth of black ice buildings I told my clan mates I was done and I warned them they would raid us when we were asleep. the young mates pushed on and then finally they too went to bed. And sure enough at 8am the next morning. I logged on and found them looting our base. I Grabbed out a could and escaped. A few days later that clan was banned from the server because they had caught using a duping bug for stockpiling blackice foundations and explosive jars. Despite the lost hours of sleep…and the fact they where cheating the actual pvp going on was fun. Even though we got wiped while sleeping we did not rage and quit the game. We did not blame funcom. We Blamed the fact people are willing to cheat at every turn. That experiernce did change me and drove me later on to run my own server. And I still have fun. Finally today I tweaked some settings on my server and was able witneess several purges on the server. One of which I had to personally get involved because IT was our admin base being attacked by a wave of Undead shalebacks and then finally an Undead Dragon. Thank you Funcom for this crazy fun game! Enjoy the break! Looking forward to August content and dlc.

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