90% + of my thralls fell to the ground.,,

dunno what happened today, but all my thralls felt . to the ground and are all within the foundations of my building… got over 100 defense thralls, same situation is happening to other fellow players.

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Same thing just happened to a lot of my thralls on an Official PvE Server.
This isn’t the first time either. They somehow like to do that.
I’m just glad that they weren’t stuck anywhere and that they walked back to their initial positions once I build a path towards them.

It happens when you demolish near them. Then after some time they fall.

not in my case. have not demolished anything near them.

and after today restart, more felt/dissapeared… congratulations funcom, you guys are experts ruining games… fix one thing , 20 gets broken…i guess i will have to go ahead and post a negative steam review (negatives are increasing day by day). i see funcom rarely active around here, looks like they dont care… other than milking the cow… (thats us)

but hey the flying thralls they NEVER fall. they are always there, as a reminder of the bugs you cant fix…

it is sad really, the game has really good possibilities… but this is what happens when incompetent developers/coders are involved.