A 90 degree wedge please

MAybe not a problem for all, but it would i simplify cool and creative constructions. Working with the small useless wedge is terrible and not ideal.

Christmas is already over…

Jk, I agree! I get big aspirations and start slapping down foundations and always hit a point where that would be really nice to have.

The problem with a 90° triangle is that the sides are of different length. A triangle with three 60° angles has three sides of equal length, which is the same length as the sides of square foundations.

Making a 90° triangle foundation would also require hypotenuse-length walls, doorframes, etc., another size square foundation piece with hypotenuse-length sides, as well as roof and ceiling tiles and other building blocks to fit these. Considering how many different building styles there are, this would require an enormous amount of effort to make.

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