A better map for all

I would like a grid on the map. This would help players find each other. This option is off by the default. Each player can turn this function on/off as they wish. Meaning if it’s on your map only if its on.

I would like an emote,place,recipe,resource location grey out locations. They turn white for places,emotes and recipes. The resource nodes are color coated. This is option can be turn on and off by each player. It’s default off. Turning it on only shows up on players map with it on. You can heavily customize each icon to be turn off/on. This would allow admins to see farming spots. This also allows proof to banned from a server for building too close to resource nodes.

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There is a grid system on the map on the live game.

Currently on test live they are testing the clan member location marker system to work out the bugs so that can be implemented.

I disagree that any of the items should be marked on the map by the game…it is an explore and discovery game as well as survival. we can add markers for these as we choose already. And if we are impatient then we can access maps and screenshots of what we are looking for by searching the internet.

You realize I said these options aren’t being forced. The default map icon outlines would be set off.

The players choses to show them or not.

I disagree with your disagree.

Like I am saying this is an optional feature that can be turn on/off by each player at will.

You know how markers you set doesn’t show up on every players map. Same deal when you turn on/off these icons and grid.

I am a player who likes to 100% a game.

These map icons could help admins banned people whom are blocking important resource nodes.

These optional icons and grid helps everyone.

Noobs-Aplhas would benefit from this idea.

It auto off. So those who likes to explore. Can still explore.

Those who want to not explore wouldn’t have to explore.

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