A bit lazy eh FC?

The new server is called rk2019. it came out in 2019…and guess what fc! im playing it on my computer from 2019!

With that said. its an 4k monitor. have you ever seen your UI on a 4k monitor? its so small its useless.

So if i go down in resolution to say 1080p windowed borderless. its half the desktop screen.
If i change windows resolution to 1080p its same effect only now desktop is full and monitor is black at the edges.

So i can go 1080 in fullscreen mode. resulting in a blurry and stretched screen.

Really FC? how much time, money and effort would it be to add a scaleing slider or just even “Small medium or large” gui selection??

I know you said all work for the game has stopped…but you basicly just relaunched it with this server asking for subs income. Some SMALL QoL improvements towards 2019 is kinda expected…all profits cant be 100% to keep servers alive.

Selling items from a bag…or even doubleclick item to land em in the shop instead of click-drag-drop system is so outdated…

No fr00b accounts = no means of transfering items. Mail is super slow. Why not make a account global bank that all your toons can use? even if its only 4 slots or so. modern mmorpgs have it.

Really. i play it for the nostalgia offc. but alittle tiny tweaks to make it abit more userfriendly for ur brand new 2019 server couldt not hurt!

Just FYI: Programmers tend to get annoyed with this statement.

well…i get that…but i also see tournaments of devs creating fully playable games in 1hour…scaling an ui i refuse to believe would take weeks of coding

Keep in mind those competitions are using new engines and not completely rebuilding a nearly 20 year old MMO built on VERY old tools. Also, there is no team here. This is like 1 dude keeping an entire MMO afloat.

That being said I would recommend downloading AOIA+ as it does help with scaling to larger monitors as well as the Notum Dovvetech GUI. Yeah you have to do it yourself and its not prebuilt into AO…but it works.

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actually…they start without an engine at all. and this poor soul trying his best i guess. but nevertheless he’s representing an entire company in means to give them profit. alittle help every now an then im sure they could spare. FC afterall agreed with him to luanch this new server…lend him a hand.

I agree, I think FC is sitting on a Gold Mine. But based off the last 10 years I doubt we are gonna see more than what they are currently investing into AO.

And this is where a little understanding for the poor programmer is needed: it’s one thing to make code do something from scratch, it’s a very different thing to adapt (someone else’s, decade old) existing code to do something it wasn’t initially designed to do. I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, and I’d love to see it, but I can appreciate that the work required may be be disproportionate to the resources available.

If you’re interested, Factorio’s Developers recently posted on their blog on adapting their GUI to be scaling, and some of the issues they’ve had to overcome.


I’d like some GUI scaling too; I’d say it would be very low on the priority ladder for the game but yes it would be nice.

And yeah the game code is over 20 years old, yes I know the game is 18 years old this year, that’s the release date not the inception of development date hence over 20 years old.
Unfortunately the people that started the game have moved on, the code has been edited a few hundred times by different people and teams.

It’s basically now at the “wellllll you touched it last” stage as it stands.
Nobody wants to touch it heh :wink:

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You can ctrl-rightclick an item to move it to the shopwindow.

If you use the new client and you should on 4k, the game is adapting to your desktop zoom setting.
For me its at 150% like a visual resolution of 1440p even so my monitor says its 4k.
And thats perfectly playable and sharp.

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AO is considered legacy software and is maintained more or less in that regard. I would be surprised to learn this was news to most people. If you actually would like a solution (or at least a response) I would recommend contacting AO support and asking for suggestions.

Also, unless you are qualified to size development tasks I’d probably recommend staying away from assuming that your issue was one, a quick fix™, and/or two, of high enough priority above other tasks to merit it having been completed and included in the latest build.

  1. they sell the game still (subs). meaning new players…one cannot assume everyone knows the state of work being done to it as of today. in fact if i were all new to this game i would assume the game is still being worked on and not wise versa…only been on steam for what? 2 years?.. game has a new server called rk 2019…is it wrong to assume the game do get some support and are brought up to speed for the named year of the server. in terms…“it does work on your 2019 pc!”

  2. im not assuming anything. hence the questionmarks behind everything i wrote. is it that much effort needed? is it lazyness and cashgrab? will we get some small QoL improvemtns for this NEW server you emailed me about? Does the game have fundings for it? Is it wrong of me to expect a game promoted to me in 2019 to be abit optimised for the mentioned year? - there is a difference looking up an old game on your own and hoping it will work…and getting 3-4 emails about JOIN OUR NEW SERVER!! ITS ALL NEW NEW NEW NEW!!!" and then being told off for asking of the game to be functional on the pc im currently using…the email did not mention “btw…if you wana play…better find you 800x600 monitor” it says new server…and i do expect fc to support it slightly if not fully.

  3. since you mention it. what other tasks are they working on (legit question as far i know they stopped working on the game fully)? fc arent the most transparant company ive come across (no rant) just that there aint that much info about FC’s plans on this out there.

This is actually a really good point, and one that those of us who make excuses for funcom should probably consider more (myself included). In years gone by FC was in really bad shape financially, so I think we were all scared of AO closing down entirely. However FC’s position has changed somewhat, so I don’t think they necessarily should get the same benefit of the doubt anymore.

That said, it doesn’t mean that FC can do everything we would like to AO, as it is still an old game with clunky code (their own fault, I know, but what can you do now). In general it would be nice to get clear communication and greater transparency from FC. I won’t hold my breath for that though.