A bit of a weird request, but I need a demonstration


This made my day. Carnage conq is the easiest specc to play in the game except tali dt, theres nothing complex about it whatsoever. Theres a reason why new players stray from tanking and go straight to dps conq.

Il just say that personaly I dont care if the tank is dps or not in dungeons as long as he does his job and not competing for the “real” tanks for their gear. In hightier raids t5/t6 you usually need all tanks in tank specc for tankjobs/meteor-jobs. Having a dps tank in T6 would make him be the 7th or 8th tank. Having him/her compete for tank essences and shards of pure ice is something I wouldnt agree with, I would give the tanking tanks prio on loot in those cases.


Why would you take a dps in for a tank slot in the first place? You know what, I won’t even dig into that, it sounds like some poor attempt at group managing if one forces a dps a to tank spot. Sure you have your opinion of where they belong, even when you’re wrong.

Yet considering that people that run conq dps so far can’t even get proper damage down, saying that DPS Conq is easy is outright BS. It’s not all about spamming combos


It is actually just about spamming 3 combos over and over, that is all carnage conq is pve or pvp :wink:
Saying this as r10 / t6 conq

Brute conq miles harder than carny in both pve or pvp :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, here we go bashing the DT’s. I thought this was about how dps conq was bad? Lets not stray from our focus here.


I dont know what u mean by tankslots, if you join a raid as a dps and need the same loot as the proper tanks, you are in their lootslot however you chose to call it…

you usually have 7 tanks in T6. Thats why I wrote WITH a dps conq ontop of that its 8 or more. Having dps-conqs compete with 7 proper tanks for their gear is absurd in my point of view… and no, in hightier raids there arent generally any inbetween gear that you´d want but not the maintanks except if u steal barbgear.


Except it actually is spamming 3 combos for the best dmg, the reason why so many people dish out low dmg is sadly because the specc is so pathetically boring to play that mostly rf-potatos have it as their main specc. I know it sounds rough but most people like you´ve seen here will /sign up on what I just said.

If you want a clarification of how spammy it is, lets meet up ingame, il use the optimal 3 combo rotation and you´ll get a chance to enlighten me what that advanced playstyle is all about. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::face_with_monocle:


Just wait, we’ll get to dps DT’s soon enough :smile:



Just to make that clear: Heavy gear is tank gear. If you really want to be a dps conq you have to use light/barb gear for the precious -hate. Main pieces heavy t4 is your second choice if you only want to dps, after barb gear. Why on earth did you buy heavy main t4 pieces first? This is not about “preference” or style, it is simply math.
Barb and some sin gear is the only real choice for a dps conq - and THAT is the reason why no one likes dps soldiers. They do not bring as much to the table as a real dps, but they want gear that belongs to real dps classes, and in 99% of the caes they want the tanking gear, too. Of course there are many situations where conqs and dts are a better support for their team if they can switch to dps. But that is the point: They are expected to fullfil both expectations in higher content, dps and tanking. But again, that is no advice you personally asked for, you do not play higher content.

And just because no one said it until now: Don’t tell people which answers they have to give or not give you on this forum. Other people may come here looking for information (well, not into this thread exept they use the search function, because the title is very badly chosen). They will benefit from the wider range of answers than you personally are looking for. Threads do not belong to you just because you start them. It is a really bad attitude to hate on people who are adding information.


Why did you make a conq if you had 0 interest in tanking? Wouldn’t making a barb have suited your needs?

I get that every class on this game is versatile, but usually when you join a group or a raid, people take a look at your class and assume you’re capable of the archtype you chose to play in. IE, if you were doing Yakhmar on a conq, you would be picking up adds and tanking them while demos and hoxes burn them down.

If you refuse to play the role/archtype of your class, why bother playing a mmo, where other people will, at least occasionally, expect you to play the role/archtype you chose at the beginning of the game??

If it’s a matter of vanity, why not play Skyrim, or something else with mods where you can create virtually anything you want including vanity looks?

And if this is about vanity, why are you, essentially, blocking actual people who could potentially use the gear in these dungeon runs for power gear, by saying you’re vanity hunting tank gear?

I just… I don’t understand it.


OP have gotten his/her post answered. Thread closed as it got heavily derailed.