A call to end land claim feature

Ahhhahaha nice!


My fun is the only way to have fun and the rest of you suck. What a charmer.

You know OP theres a saying, “You attract more flies with honey than vinegar.” It means people are more likely to cooperate and work with you when you treat them well.

It so unfortunate that the PC era has only made people afriad to laugh and joke rather than instilling some manners in folks or reminding them that we are all human on the other side of the screen.

But heres the funny thing, while you have your aggro under endowed method of communication it fails to rally much support. In two fold, well maybe just one the second might just be my opinion. For starters its a good idea, land claiming with a foundation in a bush is stupid and annoying, but then you went “reee half the player base are ■■■■■■■ and development time shouldnt be spent on systems that affect the whole game reee” that was stupid. Which in turn makes your whole arguement look stupid. Rhetoric question, what do you think it says about the devs and player community that theres frequent building contests but (as far as Im aware) no pvp championship? Says to me this aint an esport and the bread and butter is building in a hyborean aesthetic.

Then the second part, and like I said it could just be me, the impression you give from this thread alone leads me to believe you are a virgin teenage boy who screeches at his mother for hot pockets and bed pans from his stained tighty whiteys. And maybe I shouldn’t, but that’s in my list of “disregard their opinions”. So what happened, you had a decent idea for improvement then fell flat on your face. You presented it in a fashion that antagonized a businesses clients, and subsequently you probably wont get to much credit when and if land claim restrictions are altered. So good job.

Anyways like always Ill take this oppertunity to petition for more beards, and hair cuts too so im not just representing myself.

We need moar beards!! Any development time spent on hair cuts its a waste of resources!! Clearly the word dominate in the tag line only applies to who has the biggest beard and not a refrence to mans domination of his environment!!! And anyone who cant grow a majestic face bush is a sissy and should just give up and become someones censored word (man who is sexually subservient to other men or allows his mate to be taken by other men)!!

See how its the same thing but said two different ways?


I’d like to play devil advocate here, the OP might have stated his opinion in a rude manner, but offence is in the eye of the beholder, you could understand the frustration.

To end the discussion can we all agree that land claim needs a rework?

Honestly, no. Nothing in how the OP presents their superiority complex is understandable. But it’s not a fight worth having.


But mikey, can we all agree that land claim needs a rework and move over the rudeness issue?

I will agree that it’s perhaps not ideal as it currently works, but I don’t really have a better idea. Given people’s tendency to spam-build and show no consideration for others, I don’t think just removing the land claim system with no replacement is viable, not by a long shot. It only takes a few - or even one very prolific - troll to ruin a server.

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@Mikey check the post, a flag or a bench that takes material as upkeep costs, once it’s placed on a floor or foundation it propagates to all connected blocks and activate the claim mechanic, instead of relog for 1 minute to refresh the claim you must come back in to put more materials/fuel for the upkeep cost or decay sets in.
Just like in Rust.

This will also allow people of different clans to build, for example, arenas, and also squatting of abbandoned bases instead of waiting to decay.

@CodeMage Dude, you are offended by everything I post. You should just stop reading my posts as I don’t give two sheights about your feelings. I will never hold back a comment because you might be offended.

If you’re offended, you’re seriously playing the wrong game and in a shock for the real world.

Oh crap, I bet I offended you again. Oh well. Glad people are waking up though and learning that it’s time to relax a bit and stop getting so offended by every stupid little word.

Check out the rest of the thread. You’ll find that I’m not the only one who finds you obnoxious, rude and immature. Word of advice, although it might fall on deaf ears: you’ll find that very few people will care enough to push past your abrasive attitude and consider your actual message.

And yeah, I know, you’ll say you don’t care. There’s a very good reason why you should, though. If you don’t try to reach people, you’ll just surround yourself with people who already think like you. And guess what? The world at large is astonishingly good at ignoring echo chambers.

TL;DR: If you’re always an a-hole, you’ll just end up in a group of a-holes and be ignored by everyone else.

That said, I think @Mikey’s right and this isn’t a fight worth having anymore.

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