A clan is covering Shattered Springs/Brimstone Lake

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: East Coast

In server #3567 there is a clan named ‘Decayed’. This clan changed their name to one of our clan’s previous names, ‘Ice Vault :)’. After they changed their name, they placed foundations and land claim all over Shattered Springs/Brimstone Lake. We think they may be trying to frame us.

Please take action, as this is against the Conan exiles guidelines.

I will provide photo evidence of the foundations/land claim, and also the current name of our clan, proving that it is not us who laid the foundations.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Please remove the foundations/land claim.
  2. Please ban or suspend these toxic cheaters before they ruin this server even more.

Hahaha lol sry. Lean back and relax because till somebody wil come to your server and removes that clan, maybe take months.
I had ALL this problems on pve-c servers. Multiple clans reported these guys and NOTHING happened.
Pray for decay timers helping you otherwise i see dark clouds on your server.
Best conan player for funcom is just buying every dlc, dont complain, go to forums and clap your hands

How about underwater brim?

To report an infraction, please follow the procedures here:

Otherwise, accusing other players or clans is against our community guidelines: