A Clean PC Free of Dust is System that will run Game better

Like any Performance Machines out there Keeping them clean will unsure it Does Not Over Heat, Moisture does not accumulate & cause over heating as well. Computers are high tech Machines. One enemy of them is Dust, Dust. I have Fix people PC’s that they swear it was virus or ran so slow it was thought it burn out. Open it up & what do I see tons dust bunnies settled all over component’s. Clean it for them left shiny & what would know Run like is brand new. Warning make sure you watch Video’s or read how to properly handle PC Electronics. Wash hand well & dry them Use anti-static tools overall. If you decided to clean ur PC & have greasy hands from eating Guess what you going make that system useless. So even Xbox & playstations collect Dust inside. I have giving advice here But this does not make Funcom Responsible for any Damage your Systems if done without fallowing advice giving. Do THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Youtube & PC Forums have ton advice how to clean your systems safely & properly.

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