A cocktail of invincibility

Is there such a cocktail that buffs the player to make it much harder to kill?

I noticed my adversary had lots of buffs active. His health still went down fast in combat, but the last little 1hp wouldn’t go away, effectively invincible. I’m blaming it on something like desync issues, so far.

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The third perk in Vitality is passive health regeneration. Maybe that is what you saw?

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The passive health regen wouldn’t be nearly enough to prevent him from dying. It’s only something like 1hp per second.


I don’t know if it helps on your research but , for some reason I cannot explain it happened to me in pve especially inside the excecutioners cave , I just didn’t die even if I was no hp (maybe 1hp ) and I was still getting damage :woman_shrugging:t3: . But I had no negative status effects , like poisoning or bleeding . I had to mention that this character was a Crom believer , what I mean I choose first religion Crom . Yet , it doesn’t happen every time , so , I guess Crom has nothing to do about it , maybe bug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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