A complete and total mess

Maybe funcom think they have made a clever move with Funcom live services but the truth is that it is a TOTAL MESS and the game is practically umplayable.

I would say that 90 % of the pc player community would love to go back to before june 2020 when you, yes you Funcom, destroyed your own game.


I would even pay real money to play Conen Exiles classic haha


I wasn’t able to play either since June but somewhere along the line they did fix my problem. FLS’s kept me out of the game for a long time. Try logging into a private server a few times and then getting on the officials. Just an idea but it may help.

I personally have yet to see a reasoned argument WHY they put FLS in: can anyone point me to the right post/section?

Coz as it stands the nicest thing I can say about is is “Needless complication” so any explination of the thought behind it gratfully recieved!

From what I understood, it was to allow cross compatibility with SteanID and its Epic Games Store equivalent. Up until FLS was put in, all players were identified by their SteamID. EGS players would not have SteamIDs, so they wanted one system that both tapped into so that players could be identified for both servers and mods that utilize such.

EGS never happened. So we have a system that isn’t needed. But taking it out would case a bit of a headache for both Funcom and private server owners, as well as mod authors.

As for my opinion, if EGS isn’t going to happen, then we should FLS removed at some point.


Just like SOE FUncom over writes the old code with the new code, never thinking they have to go backwards.

Oh no… SoE didn’t do that… they frankensteined the code until it became self aware:

That is the formula for calculating the mitigation part of the AC stat. Even Funcom wouldn’t do this.

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