A concept theory on religion, using the religion symbol

Religion powers, perhaps powers that focus on your base / base building options, your able to resserect thrall, mount, improve base, base defense, where sorcery helps you in the outside world religion powers can assist you with your home / base powers.

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I’m always open to new ideas for religion to become more important in PvE. I think if our characters build an altar to a God, letting the altar collect dust goes against the point of having a place to worship the deity.


We need shrines to replace temples! These shrines will work almost like the temples but with the great difference that they will not have the beam and the ability to create bubbles or gods. This way our named Priests will have the necessary “working bench” to craft the religious content (weapons, armors, buffs, etc…) and we won’t need a huge footprint to place all the altars of each religion, crashing officials and get banned for building rules violation! The greatest reason i don’t do religions anymore is this! Why should i spend decades hours to gain a named Priest of each religion if i cannot use them all?
This is the number one issue that must be settled and after all the others i believe!

A small rough idea about shrines…
Fix, the temple, level it up to tier 3 and if you find a named priest, convert it to shrine (if you wish) and place it wherever you want in your base, without the 8 foundation distance mandatory! This way i can fit all the religions in one room and craft whatever i wish from each religion i wish!

As a new player, you notice how much fun sorcery is over the religion system, having powers for base defence would be great maybe being able to use the altar to call for a boss to challenge etc

Religion is due for an overhaul. It is looking kinda primitive.


One of the biggest issues with the religion system is its one of the oldest features in the game. When the game was in early access, the religion system gave unique stuff between the different religions and picking one mattered quite a bit more.

There was a point in time when Star Metal wasn’t even a tier yet. The map didn’t expand north into the green and snowy areas, nor to the east into the jungle. A very much simpler game and smaller game. In this game the religions added a bit of spice to everything else.

Well… that spice is overwritten by much more complex flavors and additions to the meal. And we’ve thus have more insatiable palates compared to before.

So like Darth said above, the system is overdue an overhaul. The game has moved far beyond its humble beginnings and has left the religion system behind. I do see that getting that overhaul in the future.

One thing I will say, is the religion system should not be seen as a counter to sorcery. The entities worshipped in the Hyborean Age are not divine entities. They are literally aliens with very potent and inhuman cosmic powers. Many of their priests use the powers given through their pacts with these entities to engage in sorcery themselves.

One of the exceptions is Mitra to some degree. The reason why his normal priests don’t engage in sorcery and other corrupting influences is because of Mitra’s hands off approach. He prefers his followers to engage the world without his direct influence.

But in the Exiled Lands (and Siptah to the same degree), the priests of Mitra are not the same benevolent clergy members you see in Tarantia of Aquilonia. They’re desperate men and women trying to survive in a nasty corrupting environment. They are seeking power for its own sake. Like the followers of Ymir, Set, Zath, Yog, and Derketo… they too are seeking ‘divine’ weapons to use against their enemies.

Just something to keep in mind.

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