A Couple Of Issues

Game mode: [Online - PvP Server 1599]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA/US]

So, along with the bug I came to address, I noticed this in the “Issues Status - PC” post/thread:

Cannot remove map markers with keyboard/mouse -> Patched

I’m not sure why this is regarded as Patched, as the last time Steam says Exiles was patched was on the 2nd and I still can’t delete these dumb custom markers I made as a guide to places to discover on the map. I have been able to delete a few very randomly out of nowhere just trying, and then after only one is deleted, the others remain unable to be deleted.

Anyways, the issue that initially brought me here is that I am unable to interact with any other player-character on my server (PvP Server 1599). At least two other players have told me this is the case for them as well. The menu that is supposed to show up when you hold E to interact does not appear, though the sound still plays. This is rather annoying, as I am unable to join the clan my friends are in. Please fix this ASAP.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Encounter another player-character
  2. Aim your reticle at them and hold E to interact
  3. Watch as the sound plays but no menu of interactions appears

Also, I just remembered: after the daily server reset a couple days ago, my Campfires were all automatically on and creating heat even though they were not running at all. I don’t believe this is intended.

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