A couple of things that might be really cool to add to the game

I have been thinking of a couple of things that might be really cool to add to the game to add even more RP flavor to it. What do you all think about adding Armor Display stands to the game, that would work much like shield and weapon displays? I think it would add even more flavor to the game. Also, what would be the chance of adding hookahs to the game? It’s a very Stygian thing after all.

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Sounds neat, though I’d just like the bugs that I’m having with the display racks fixed first…

As for other things that I’d love to see added to the game? Chickens… Great pet, source of eggs when slotted into a nest, and can be butchered for meat and feathers… Perhaps have a coup for breeding more… (With eggs turning into new chickens instead of rotting if left in the coop with an active chicken for long enough…)


I LOVE that idea. I’m a farmer in real life, and my favorite part of my job is my chickens, geese, and turkeys! And I agree wholeheartedly. There are some major bugs in this game that desperately need fixing. I hope Funcom is listening to us in that regard.

Pack animals would be cool too…

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I hear that repeating “Chickens” like George Tsoukalos doing “Aliens”…

That, and Pack Animals would bring even more life to the Exiled Lands and that atmosphere from Conan’s movies.

we do have chicken although they are ugly and they are alligators they don’t bite i promise.

Well alligators/crocodiles don’t have feathers… (I was hoping for a source of feathers that could be found in every biome, which would be very helpful to archers as feathers are needed for making most arrows.)

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what about those duck billed choco birds that jungle has. Im sure once taming patch they can be plucked at your place.

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There are feathers in just about every biome though. Some of them you just have to do some climbing to find. I still want chickens though :slight_smile:

Duck billed choco? You mean the first thing in the Jungle Biome that I learn to avoid because of how hard they hit?

they arent that bad just do two hit dodge and they die pretty easy

Yup and maybe finaly kinda sort of we could get their heads too? :smiley:

Also for featherzies… there is that place in the desert called summoning place or whatever there is an ostrich farm next to it. so those birds could be tameable too.

And deffinitelly micro panthers and wolf/hyena cubs … Well those won’t give feathers tho :smiley: But they are cute.

I keep missing drive wheels for boats and sails too.

How about nile geese in the desert and wild chickens in the jungle, they are originally from India and south east asia in real life so…
Maybe some sort of grouse in the north or just rabbits, which could be used the same way only for meat and hide.

We will probably only get those ridiculous terror bird “ostriches” tho.

That would be just fine with me…

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