A couple questions about the DLC

Is all the DLC (except Isle of Siptah) just cosmetic?
And Isle of Siptah is a new game rather than a continuation?


kindoff, all armors from DLC have different stats and you don’t need to spend feat points to craft them other than the armorer feat.

ie. If you want a STR heavy armor without any DLC you have the hyperborean armor, but if you have the Derketo DLC you have the guardian armor or with the Frontier DLC you have the pictish warchief armor, both of them require 0 feat investment other that the feat to craft any kind of armor.

Weapons are pretty much cosmetic only, a reskin of the starmetal set, but you can also craft low level iron weapons without investing points in a specific kind of weapon, as normally happens. They are not really much of an advantage as their damage value is very low, but again, at low levels you don’t need to spend feat points on them.

All building pieces are cosmetic, they are reskins of hardened brick.

Also they come with different placeables, animal skins, some vanity bodypaints and lately some saddles.

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