A creature forgotten - please add

This is a creature I would love to see added into the jungles in and around the city ruins. Exactly where they should have always been.

Winged Horror

Deep in the remote jungles of the Black Kingdoms, on the banks of some forgotten river, there are the remains of a lost city. Here dwell the Winged Horrors. It is believed that the Winged Horrors are degenerate descendants of a lost race of winged men, alien and powerful and wise. But as great and majestic as the old race was, so hard did they fall into the darkest depths of savagery and depravity. Once angelic, these people became monstrous to look upon, and even more bestially in their habits and mentality. Over the ages the city became forgotten, crumbling into ruin as the jungle reclaimed it, but the Winged Horrors still haunt the land.

To fight and or capture a creature such as this would be a fun experience. And it fits the lore.

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