A Devs attitude

I really enjoyed this game. When Epic added it to their free list I thought of a streamer I watch, Hundred Years Boar. I spoke to him during a live stream about him playing it and was shocked when I heard that he spoke to a Dev about him being Boar and playing Borman and the Dev said “Just because it’s a boar doesn’t mean it was made for you.”

He doesn’t have to play your game. If he would have, you would’ve benefitted more than him. What a shame.

Hello @quadgamer, thank you for reaching out and sharing this concern with us!

Without knowing the context or tone for such statement, we may assume it was likely a tongue-in-cheek remark rather than some sort of negative backlash.
Simply out of curiosity, do you have any source for this, or are you aware of the developer who said such?

In any case, both us at Funcom and The Bearded Ladies have been committed from the start to deliver an awesome title together with the community interaction and support you’ve come to expect, as we are always proud to show appreciation to all players and fans of our titles.
Just take a look at the social networks and pass by our streams and you’ll see that we’re all nice and playful people here, even cheeky at times! :smiley:

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