A door with a time-delayed bar that drastically improves its hitpoints for offline protection

I’m a little bit phased by the reduction of door hitpoints - on one hand it’s great for raiding and leads to creative base designs where those weak thresholds need to be factored in. ON THE OTHER HAND - it means most of us are living in bases with layers and layers and layers of doors which if you ask me just seems redundant. I don’t feel the current t3 doors are adding any value/enjoyment to the game in their current incarnation.

My proposal is this: a door which has a bar that falls into place after a certain period which is designed to be locked when the players log off. Let me explain what I mean by this:

  1. When activated the door’s hp increases substantially

  2. Once activated there’s a delay before the bar falls into place - this could use the mechanic which has doors auto-close after a period (i bloody love this mechanic incidentally) - perhaps extended to a period of a few minutes. This also applies to removing the lock.

The idea here is that, this defence cant be quickly turned on or off, it has a period of initiation so its primarily used to secure entrances when players are logging off. IF they choose to engage them when online they can, but the door is effectively unusable until it’s unlocked again- at least not from a rapid entry/exit point of view, adding an element of strategy to when a door is or isn’t secured. This is the kind of thing you would initaite/lock when you’ve finished playing. When not fully secured, it functions like a normal door with normal door hitpoints.

Ultimately what I’m trying to achieve with this suggestion is a way of reducing the number of door thresholds in player bases, but introducing a comparable level of defence with a limitation in place. These doors wouldn’t replace existing doors, just add a variant with a higher material cost

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