A extra perks or talents for people who play full server cycle


I made this suggestion on Discord earlyer but tought that maybe it should be up here also. The idea came from discussion about “server resets every 90 days” -speculations. The idea is really simple. When a server is reseted, everyone who has played on that server cycle (say minimum of 75% of full cycle and reached about level 40 or maybe max level?) would “ascende” and get a really special talent point they can use on next server run. These talents would have to be something cool to keep people coming back to that server after a reset and ofc would have to stack so that if you play on same server for like year, you would have opened all “ascendancy talents” But the problem is that the talents also need to be tuned so that they dont give too much edge over new players.

If such a system is made, you should also make it private servers admin commands so say in RP server where wipes are not something people want, a GM could reward you with “ascendancy” point after a certain period or major event ect.