A Failed Experiment

Minigames and the Votekick;
Re-cap, this was enabled to boot the AFKers and the clowns (or ‘trolls’) who don’t contribute. OK got it. A problem that did exist, but was not of epidemic proportions.

As of today what I see is fewer and fewer minis. The vote kick option has become a watered down version of the ‘pre-made’ option. Basically kick the weakest players, regardless of their effort.

New players don’t stick around for long because they consistently get kicked…

Funcom, your initial concerns of the tool being ‘abused’ has been realized.

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I think it’s a good change, but it’s only one of the MANY changes that would be needed to make pvp minigames good. Right now a side effect of having literally no balancing system is that it’s too appealing to for the hardcore people to kick the newcomers. They are total a**holes for doing that though… screw those guys.

I used to think people were crazy for suggesting something like an MMR system be implemented to minis, but since I’ve been playing the pvp app on fury I’ve realized how ridiculous it is that minis have no system in place to try and make the games more balanced.

In the pvplevelup app there’s an algorithm to balance games based on players MMR, performance rating, class archetype, + some other minor factors. And while its far from perfect, its been progressively getting better as its been tweaked by the developer, and considering its all a passion project by a solo dev, its crazy that funcom couldn’t have payed a couple devs to implement something like this at any point. It would also probably work better on crom because of the larger playerbase.

TLDR: its sad that a solo dev working for free created a balancing algorithm to make pvp games more balanced even with a mix of skill levels in the lobby, yet funcom hasn’t done anything of the sort.