A few bits of Feedback, small but important

First off, let me say I love the game and the ongoing updates are, pretty fabulous.
However, there are a few minor issues.

1 - Thrall Pots and Feedboxes seem broken - thralls and pets are no longer listed as using them, so there’s no way to know if they’re in range or not, AND neither thralls or pets ever seem to use up the food, or even need it.

2 - the Dismantling Bench no longer takes GIVEN items directly into the dismantle queue. Now all items go into inventory and require another fiddly step to actually dismantle them. It was better (FAR better) the old way.

3 - speaking of inventory, why does the character inventory seemingly randomly jump back to the first item if you are manually removing items. It causes the necessity to repeatedly scroll back to your place nearly every time you are trying to remove, store, or transfer specific items. Why can’t it just stay still?

4 - and finally, Gates. Why do Gates insist on snapping to the MIDDLE of the floor pieces they’re being placed on? All other forms of wall snap to the edge, but it is often impossible to convince a gate to conform to the wall right next to it. It used to be hard, but could be reliably done, but lately it seems to have become impossible.

5 - the flapping ears noise the pet cats make is LOUD and can often scare the crap out of me. it’s so strange.

Thank you for an awesome game despite these nitpicks. I have almost 4,000 hours in so far and see no end in sight.


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