A few issues I'm having

Here are a few annoying issues/bugs I’ve encountered.

  • I can’t remove custom map markers.
    Right now I have a stray marker that’s just there because I can’t remove it after trying many different ways of removing it.

  • Vertical aiming doesn’t work sometimes. Every time I join a game the aiming just doesn’t work, however rejoining does fix it… sometimes. The reason why I’m even posting this now is because recently nothing worked. I just can’t aim vertically, so crocodiles and hyenas become a pain in the a** if not impossible to fight.

  • Controller support is pretty good, but the previous issue makes it absolutely impossible to play right with a gamepad as aiming with a bow just isn’t possible.
    Another related issue is after using the shortcut wheel to change the holding item, the camera changes direction making it very confusing and hard to play during tense moments.

  • First person camera sometimes is in the wrong position so that when looking down, you’ll looking into your own neck. So basically FPS mode is pretty useless when you can’t look down without seeing your insides.

  • The sound that happens when something is finished crafting accumulates when far away from the crafting stations. When coming close enough after they’ve been crafting for a while, all of the sounds that have accumulated is played all at the same time and it is really, really loud and even makes all other sounds just get dead silent for a second.

  • Sometimes attacks just go right through human enemies. This becomes especially annoying when raiding a camp.

  • Some enemies get stuck on terrain and pretty much lets you kill them.
    Also, sometimes they run into the ground or wall and then reappear at some seemingly random spot after disappearing underground.

  • Hair and clothing physics don’t work at all for thralls (most noticeably entertainers). As for the player character it works only 100% if the character is exactly at 50% height and only occasionally when you exceed that limit and will stop working after changing armor.
    I’m guessing people with Nvidia cards are having this issue.

I know that these issues have been brought up many times before, but it is quite frustrating that these minor issues are still a thing after early access. I’m assuming these issues have been noted and are on the list, but I noticed that these issues have been around since 2016 to 2017 so I’m just getting a bit worried that they’ll never get fixed.
Also, I apologize for all the “sometimes”, but that’s just the nature of these issues. I can’t see any pattern or accurately reproduce the issues. They just sort of happen.

Thanks for reading!

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]

Nvidia Geforce 970 GTX
AMD FX-8350 8 Core 4GHz CPU
12GB Ram
Windows 10

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The physics break for the same reason on thralls.
Clothing physics works 100% of the time on half my dancers, because they’re the default height. It’s always broken on the rest.