A few Ive noticed issues since launch stem from one problem

Game mode: Online ps4 pvp and pvpf servers
Noticed a few bugs when attmepting to olay before and after work today: occasionally my spear wont do damage, ill just be attacking with no effect while taking damage; a few items in my quick menu like food are invisible my inventory; I have no way to change which items are in my quick menu; when I reclaim tools from my corpse I cant use them at all, because of the aforementioned inability to control which items are in the quick menu. Actually Ill stop at the quick menu thing, because that alone cause way too many issues. I cant craft because I cant remove multiple types of uncooked meet, skulls, insects, and weapons, or even just swap them out for the items the foundations I just built.

Oh! And Ive also noticed that when Im attacked by enemy npcs (but not players) and attempt to run away that they use some telekenetic lag to keep me from ever escaping.

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While you are in the equipment menu highlight the item you want to put on your wheel and simply hold down L1… your wheel will come up and you can assign the item/tool to any spot on your wheel, only way to unequip from your wheel is by replacing whatever it is you want back in your inventory. Hope that helps some :slight_smile:

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There are times when the npc lag hard enough to be immune to any damage I deal aswell. My friend and I fought off a single archer 1 and kept hitting him but he wouldn’t take any damage