A few new free perks at lv 1 to help noobs

Archer,Warrior,Bruiser,Skirmisher,Defender,Boxmaker,Primitive Cook and Armorer.

Each of the starting weapons as free perks at lv 1 would help noobs alot. Fist as a weapon is awful. Players whom learn how to thier weapons with practice become better at using that weapon. Shields are both for attacking and defending. The starting shield as a free perk will allow for a good defense as well as many noobs learning the important use of stamina.

Boxmaker is a noob and low level storage. It is a basic storage.

Primitive cook is so level 1 can cook the meat and be able to eat.

Armorer is the default armor shown at the start of the game. This is just the start of the Armors of Conan Exiles.

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