A few noticeable (but not game-breaking) bugs

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [AU/PAL]

  1. Ever since the most recent update, the cinematic before the title screen will always freeze at the exact same point (just as Razma attempts to give Conan the axe back), but pressing any button proceeds to the title screen. Waiting just makes it hang.

  2. Weathered Skull drop rate is abysmally low, almost to the point of non-existence. Cleavers give the best drop rate (no idea why), but even then, it’s extremely rare to get one.

  3. Crocodile (and every creature using the same skeleton) corpses are sent flying when attempting to harvest them, unlike basically every other enemy corpses, making harvest annoying, but doable. This does not occur with the skinning knife or cleaver (or tools with the same animations), only with the hatchet, pick and pickaxe.

  4. Knocking down human NPCs in combat while on a slope (regardless of standing towards or against the incline) will break the lock on whenever they stand up, requiring you to either avoid knockdown attacks or lock on again after every knockdown.

  5. Certain physics stopping when unequipping/re-equipping armour/clothing, very noticeable with breast physics, as they bounce noticeably under the Coarse Tunic when it works, but when initially equipped, they have about as much bounce as a rock. Only ways to fix it are either dying, ending the session and re-entering it or using admin teleport. Is also triggered by climbing.

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Hello @CrystalGoddess, thank you for your submissions, but please next time create one post per issue as stated in our guideline:

The cinematic hanging could be due to corrupted data, have you tried reinstalling the game or even rebuilding the PS4 database?

Item drop rates are best discussed in the General Discussion or Suggestion boards, as they are not issues.

Lastly, the remaining issues have been registered for the developers to look into!

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