A few reasons why your servers are empty

Nevermind the countless bugs, (we are use to them) But creating a new map (isle of siptah) instead of expanding the original one effectively splitting us in half and making servers more empty.

And whoever thought it was CUTE to implement negative perks for thralls and whoever is going along with it has no idea the negative impact it has on player moral, I am leveling my Frost Giant Thrall that only has 11 strength and his first perk is -3 strength rendering him useless and unable to barely kill npcs on noob river at this point. not fun, not cute, not enjoyable… I would rather I get no perks rather than a negative one… most will agree with this

Every Conan forum (reddit etc.) has 100’s of complaints on this issue, especially painful on an end game main thrall.

Look at Valheim they have depleted your player base,…people are leaving in droves,… clans are being depleted,… people have stopped playing

Start listening to your player base… expand on original map, new dungeons, new gear, new weapons, quests etc. end the negative perks,. end the under meshers,. people will return in great numbers, people will be happy again.

The only people that would disagree with this is game developers or hired shills from other game company’s posing as players to maliciously mislead you into ruining this game even further

I agree with u I left the game too all because of these undermeshers and ne porking thralls funcom need to fix the game and listen to their players there is only 3-4 servers that can be full and u meet the same cheaters clan in every server that make it unplayable

Your complaint might be more effective if you actually posted on the correct game forum. In case you’re in doubt the game you’re talking about is CONAN EXILES, which is a totally different game than Age of Conan, where you posted.


Thank you didnt notice

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Interesting to see… looks like they don’t care about one game and their playerbase but all of them…WTH is FC doing…seriously…it’s too bad…

But it’s still a good singleplayer game