A few suggestion and concerns

before we start grats on the new patch!!! loads of improvements and fixes.
but some fixes and updates have been ticking me a bit…
i also lived my first purge, crazyest thing i’ve witness even if it in a t1 spot. <3

ok now for the suggestions. i will probably get hate but…

dismantling table disappears when you drink a lotus potion.
npcs are still going through the graphic
lag again
client wise. revert to 32 bit OS for the love of all thats holy and tastes as great as bacon!!!
64 bit is overkill considering that the game is asking way too much from our rigs and the game could run perfectly smooth on a 32 bit client.

also during the purge i just had… i came to notice that the archers had homing arrows with them because i tryed to dodge the shot behind rocks or roll my way through the npcs when they released their arrows and the arrow would simply move straight then turn around and come flying at me and hit me behind a tree or a mountain side… it’s kind of awkward when you look at it. a fix would be nice for that because for all i know only 3 or 4 humans irl can actually curve the trajectory of an arrow.

also a little fix on water fights would be nice. since im based in F4 , the entire river from 2nd to 3rd waterfall is my base… i had to fight some monsters in the water… and some named too. that’s where the issue is.
im 53, str vit accuracy build… i fought a few named during the fight and i could barely hit them with a legendary spear dragon spear something. i fought one and landed 3 complete combos and never did did a single scratch on it. would it be possible to check whats up with this one?

another thing about the purge… the waves are coming to wipe your house, thralls, and belongings … how can they auto spawn INSIDE the house if they are supposed to be outside and trying to get inside? a little fix on this one would be nice. and before someone says i lost a thrall: no i did not. it’s just awkward to have monsters spawning inside your house when there is no way in.

rendring of objects: a fix would be greatly appreciated. i get the feeling i’m playing second life everytime i encounter a building… kind of annoying to have to wait on rendering//res to complete its cycle otherwise it’s a rubberband fest until the building is done loading.

server wise suggestion:
GROUPING!!! i had help during my purge and other adventures on the server im in… would be nice if i didn’t slash 20% of the life of the people helping me during a fight in pvp hours. it’s really scary when someone tryes to help and you end up nearly killing them in the process.

i also noticed a little graphic bug pre patch i havent tested it since…
i built an outer front wall with foundations


i used t3 foundation fences and t3 fences to my surprise to stack on each other but they at the same time negate the spike dmg from the fence. since the fence foundation overlaps the fences and allows us to climb on them. a little check on this one would be nice.

other than that its a great patch and it get players happy.
keep up the good work guys

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