A few suggestions about animations, models and gameplay

Hiya Mates!
First thing is huge thanks for a great game with no forced PvP as almost every single title nowdays. I have few suggestions you might use in the future updates. First one could be one a bit softer and more gentle male voice. Ye know not every one of us is a born Barbarian :slight_smile: Nice “Elvish” alike voice would be cool. Second thing is walking animations which are pretty “Robotic” now. Another one is usable bathtubes, we have them now, but we may only drink from it, I saw some mods that allow us to lie in hot water and relax. Would be good to get it with reguar item, mods are pretty demanding and too much of them on the server makes play less pleasant (loading time). What about higher resolution textures? for character models at least? And last…is Male Bum…xD Don’t get me wrong they’re ok but as a female I’m paying attention to such things, could be more round in the upper part of buttocks. And that’s all from me :slight_smile:
Take care guys and keep great work, I will gladly pay for new great DLC’s

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