A few suggestions by reaganmatt

I love the game but I have a few suggestions
•body customization other than hight, breast, and penis length
•weight gain: were if you eat to much you might throw on some belly fat and move slower or have diabetes (please add body growth to this!)
•maybe takedowns for stealth were it is a skill or has something to do with your armor we’re light armor makes less sound as to heavy makes more or killing moves like little animated finishers for each weapon type.
•redone npc accuracy because archers are overpowered even though the farther into the game they start doing less damage
•animal companions like you knock it out throw it in a cage and feed it to tame it
•enchantments for weapons depending on your god like doing frost damage or fire damage or just adding more damage in general even if it’s like the upgrades kits already In the game.
•maybe the body triangle thing for bodies like in fallout4 for the body features where you could do fat,skinny, and muscular and moderate in the middle


I like the diabetes idea.
I want to build cages, imprison people and force-feed them sweets.


I like the force feeding idea

Other games, like Rust and Ark, have that. But they don’t have diabetes. We need to one up them here.