A few very easy to implement improvements that would grow the playerbase

I played AoC from launch to 2013(on and off) and just recently returned after a almost 10 years break. The lack of good new mmo’s made me go back to an oldschool one, and nothing can compete with AoC combat, interessting classes and skill display. I started on Aquilonia RP-PVP which got merged into Fury after a few years. I absolutley love PvP in this game and I love Fury. However I now play on Crom and I find myself also enjoying the PvE in this game and even the leveling and learning my class.(DT atm).

That being said, when new players check out the game and create a new character, the first server that gets highlighted is Fury - PVP, which leads most new players to join it. The problem is first of all that there are literally lvl 80 players that spawncamp low levels the minute they leave tortage and secondly that people figure out pretty quickly that the server is veery low population and as a result concludes that AoC in general is a dead game and then either stright up leave or wont bother leveling again on Crom. Remember new players dont have the 100% xp boost most of us have so its a pretty big undertaking leveling again and repeat the same combos you already did, however far you got.

So my first suggestions are
A: Make Crom the highlighted server for new players
B: Show population status displayed on each server
Crom PvE - High Population (Green)
Fury PvP - Low Population (Red)
C: Merge servers ( Crom’s Fury PvE-Conflict) and add some of the following ideas:

  • Implement a duel option (right click, inv duel)
  • Certain time of day, lets say between 1700 and 2300, one random zones in the game turns PvP on and it yields increased PvP xp and increased PvE xp incentivicing both types of players to play there

AoC deservers more players, the game is absolutley stunning still (even tho a few artists improving some of the assets would definetly improve the games first impression, even though they are all probably working on the new dune title. As mentioned the classes, combat and everything this game has to offer is criminally underrated. I truly believe something as small as a few changes like this would make the playerbase grow slow but steadily.

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Hi Celem,

This game isn’t worth bothering with anymore. It’s literally abandonware. Funcom is not going to do anything you suggest (these things have been suggested numerous times over the years) because the CEO of Funcom, Mr Rui Casais, doesn’t care about this game. He will not allocate any resources toward the improvement of this game. Resources being money.

All of these ideas could be implemented if money were allocated to this project. The programmers required to implement such changes, don’t work for free. So, if there’s no money there, they’re not going to do it.

I mean, do you work for free?

The fact that this game has gone by the wayside is squarely on the shoulders of the guy driving the ship. They don’t ever read these forums either…
If you really want to get their attention you should tag them on Twitter.

Their payment system doesn’t even work…

It’s incompetence pure and simple.

So my advice to you is, play the game and enjoy it as it is and will forevermore remain, or don’t…

There will be no future updates to this game.

It is what it is…

Personally, I’m giving ESO a chance and it’s actually not a bad game. It’s growing on me. Even the combat is pretty fun, and I’ve always been one of those guys who has lauded the magnificence of Age of Conan combat. It’s not enough anymore… Plus, people actually play ESO…

I still have to wrap up my web series in Age of Conan, but after that, I think I’m moving on…


It’s been real, and it’s been fun, But not real fun…:wink:


Where you at on ESO? I thought about giving it a go myself.

Thanks for the input, but for small fixes like making crom the highlighted server for new players I feel they can manage (plz @AndyB ) :innocent:

eso combat is so boring and stupid…better play wow or dont play mmo at all

Gonna have to disagree. I think eso combat is better than wow and I’ve spent considerable time in wow pvp. :yawning_face:

@Celem the fact that they will not even do something as trivial as that, should be telling…

Teso pvp is better then wow? No way. I played both, and wow pvp is better. Why? its honest. Target based for all. In teso RDD cast their spells in target, while melees must hit them with non-target attacks. Like in AoC, but worse.

Agree to disagree. Wow combat isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. Just my opinion.

I’m still fresh to elder scrolls online end-game, but I’'m enjoying the combat mechanics so far, which In my opinion, is better than wow’s combat mechanics, and that’s all that matters.

I will always hold the opinion that age of Conan has the best MMO combat hands down on any game out there, But this game is dead. The company has abandoned it. It’s sad but it is what it is…

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Just know that ESO has only 6 skills on panel, cancer-cancelling animations that doubles your dps and because of multiclass system you dont even know who you are fighting now - a mage a rogue or a fighter. Thats discouraging.
Wow not best, it has MANY flaws, but i prefer wow over teso. AoC pwnz both.

It sounds like you’re just bad tbh

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6 skills? No you have to swap between skill panels. It’s almost like a skill. You get 10 regular class abilities and two big abilities. I actually have 15 regular abilities and two big abilities, one being a werewolf transformation that grants me five extra skill slots.

And honestly I like how you can customize your class to that level. Why do you need to know who you’re fighting? Lol I never understood that logic of people in this game where they absolutely have to know what class they’re going up against.

An ESO I get to play a nice mix class two-handed melee/ranger / werewolf.

Fun times :+1:

6 abilities is secret world lol.

5 minutes of playing that game you realize it’s more desolate than Aoc

6 abilities in one panel. Its idiotic that you must switch between weapons during fight, cancer mechanic, same as playing dw barb in aoc, but in aoc you switch only for cc. If you dont know who are you fingting you cant do any counter against his skills. It makes pvp stupid one button spam. I play templar and all my dmg comes from spear thrust, i just spam it and light attacks weawing and ppl die. No fun in this gameplay for me.
And 3 teams versus each other is another cancer mechanic for me. No balance in that. I dont know any other game that have that team compositions.

Btw gparhics in eso are even worse then in aoc, but aoc came in 2008 and eso in 2014, after archeage lol.

Terrible barb spotted

You’d think their priority would be to help people pay them money and they can’t even do that.


Never lijee to switch weapons, cause with bad ping it become a headache

Nothing suggested here will magically make the population grow.

ADVERTISING the game will. How many don’t even know this game still exists? Everytime they show one of the Conan movies on TV, there should be Age of Conan ads.

Once that’s done, than the suggestions here will help keep the player base.


Great idea, but… Sad thing - FC killed this game already :(((