A Forum Related Issue

To be honest, my hobbies range from carving to carpenting with gardening and building mechanics in between, so its not like they’re old. They’re just really big!

To all the old farts having issues typing on phone I have only one word: SWIPE

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I guess I got used to computers enough through work that I cope better with them than phones (although even then it’s more as a typewriter than anything else). I’m currently (very slowly) researching the hardware side with a plan to try building one next year, but right now it’s still at the ‘will probably set fire to the flat’ level of knowledge :wink:

As for emojis - they seem to be fine at my end. But I’m using a full desktop PC, physically connected to the internet (no wifi here - I wouldn’t know how to secure it…), so I’d hope it could manage forums without too much trouble.

I did just try using my phone to look at the forums (only took a couple of attempts to get it as far as google, lol) - so far it’s been claiming to be loading the main categories screen for a couple of minutes. And now it’s just announced that it can’t find it (at the web address linked to by google…). I rather suspect that if I could get in using the phone, I’d be having the same issues you are (certainly it seems to take a heck of a long time doing anything else).


Well I still have hair on my head had it cut SATURDAY first time since Covid. None of the body parts are what they were when I was 30 and that’s 31 years ago. Old is in your head as much as body. I have not tried swiping keyboard will try. Have to go help my wife with map room at mounds of dead.


Honestly Mumra I think that yourself, Sestus2009 and Darthphysicist have both done better jobs capturing it than I could. But I will add a few of my own thoughts.

Although this one sums it up pretty well for me too. I also find myself missing and longing for the energy and vigor which I had back in my 20s. There are a lot of times when I will be doing things at work, around the home, or in workouts and I will push myself too hard, only to have my body ‘gently’ remind me that I am not as young as I once was, and often spend the days after dealing with the fallout from it. One thing that never ceases to amaze (and worry me in equal measure…) me is just how damn fast that time has gone by. It can be interchangably unbelievable or depressing at times. Much the same as seeing some of the bands, band members and actors I grew up with die or call it a day. Another one that you guys may well have happened upon; I have also discovered the joys of the two day hangover.


I don’t really feel joy In a two day hangover aloutho I know the experience. Body is sore tonight going to grab some Ibuprofen before I go to bed.

And Crom Faithful we have lost to many entertainers lately.