A friendly reminder to all console players... (Upon oncoming patch)

Hello to all console players…
1st of all a big salute for ur patience and ongoing efforts for keeping up and supporting the game!!!

Needs great dedication for any player to see another version advancing and the one he is on staying stagnant and not loosing faith!!! I admire most of u for this.

What i would like to do here is give u all some fair warnings about some aspects that will be changed and may frustrate u (we pc players felt the impact)…
So on point…

the new benches look great and more immersive than the old ones and also are more distinct and specialized ( certain recipes on certain benches and not the cluster u used to have) BUT… the space they need is huge!!!(as an example i will only tell u that new carpenter bench - the one that reduces costs- takes 2 foundation width and 3 foundations length!!! Another great example is that the proper placement of the furnace that saves fuel is 4 walls in order to place ceiling above!!!) So be prepared for bigger workstations (especially if u want double benches or more per type) and they cost a decent amount of materials compared to what u r used a bench to cost…

some recipes are also changed…so stack up as much as u can on following stuff…

Oil-> coal or dry wood is ur fuel now collect as much oil as possible before the patch hits live…

Stone consolidant-> maybe sounds weird, but after patch it will cost resin ,so better get some before it. It is easier now to get it…

Alchemical base->U will need a lot… Some armours will change attributes and will need to be recrafted… Wont say which or how they will be changed, but feel free to experiment and re learn … Old paddings will be useless and armours that r crafted with old paddings will only be repaired and maintained with armour patch kits… (So spoilers…stop crafting paddings for helmets,chests, hands etc… They will be useless upon new patch)…

Craft a ton of hardened leather(mostly) and layered fur and silk… Armour paddings will need em , and once u will see the new stats u will need to craft a lot to test and find some great builds for ur character!!!

Try to obtain tempersmith armourers (like Fia at pagoda) and blacksmiths (like Beri) -u can check wiki for the rest of the tempersmiths… They will be really valuable as now u will be able to craft legendary repair kits for both armour and weapons when the correct thrall is in the tinker bench… Which is great news…

Also if u r producing steel without the purge blacksmith stop immediately… start turning iron bars into iron reinforcements as soon as possible … in new patch any t4 blacksmith will be able to use “reinforce” so use it for ur own benefit ( to all who are not aware the reinforce ability turns 1 iron reinforcement and 1 steelfire to 1 steel reinforcement- the steel reinforcent can then be turned to steel in 1:1 ratio , making things like hardened steel really cheap). Be warned though… The turning of bars to reinforcements and vice versa takes more time with new patch (lets say that 30k iron will turn in around 4 days in one bench…) Saves materials and saves harvesting time but needs more patience to create large amounts. Time is in the bench though which means u have more time to ur hunting or dungeoning…

Save rare fish → fishtraps will get almost pointless to have … So save as many rare fish as possible… U will thank me laters for this!!!

And a last one ( that i personally found good , but depends) be prepared to change some of ur habbits… ichor is now relayed mostly on spiders… Pick gives now bark and resin on all trees not just north ones… Branches can be turned to wood and vice versa and in the beggining u will find urself searching on which bench is now the x recipe as many things will change places!!!

Also place all hearts of heros and all god fuels (esences, frost shards, human hearts etc) u have inside a fridge with some ice … They all got decay timmers and would be bad to loose em…

Thank you all for the patience if u made it down here, and please do not misunderstand me if i got something wrong… I play on pc and pve and i would like to save some of u from experiencing some frustration that we on pc went through!!!

Have fun all!!!


Thank you very much have been collecting ichor already along with grubs did not know about the rest. Think we need to stock up every thing :thinking:


Hope you don’t mind I just screen shot your post.

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Not everything , but u know some stuff as the hearts of heros or crafting a ton of armour paddings for no reason can be frustrating afterwards!!! (Yes u can guess who had a lot of those XD)…

As for the screenshot i do not mind!!! Just spread the word if possible! The more of console players know The better


I appreciate the Information. Nothing really tells you a lot of differences. I’ve watched several videos and nothing like this. This information is extremely helpful. Thanks.


This is great! I was hoping someone would put something like this together, thanks very much!


Good looking out


I put a edited version on the loading screen of my server last night. Will spread the word.


Sestus what’s up you ready for the update guy


What is so great about rare fish post update? Are they needed for a special recipe?

great information, you talk about stockpiling, will they not reset the servers? on the pc, wasn’t it?

I think so on my server yes
.on others I play on have some work to do

No, they won’t. There will be no wipes.


the effort that will be required after the patch to get the rare fish is so much that u will probably leave all the fishtraps empty …

so alternative for the buffs u get from rare fish will either be run up and down in the traps u have collecting fish u get before they decay (along with grubs) inside the traps , or craft the old way (elixirs)… stockpilling some fish will make ur game e bit easier (especially at the beggining of the new patch, when u would like to be in fighter mode -considering that thralls will get a good nerf )

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no on pc nothing changed… a patch was added and we had to keep up on that…
neither a special recipe is added with rare fish…but…

most of us found that our stored in chests hearts of heros decayed , and same happened to our god essenses , and we found our traps empty…and the ones that had not stockpilled the rare fish needed to seek alternatives to buffs
along with the rest of changes (rebuilding workshops , new banches , checking recipes , and changed farming locations (like how to get ichor or oil etc was a bit of a kick to the guts)… and this is what the post was about! to warn console players (i see u as teammates) so u wont suffer the same…

anyone can ofc choose not to follow what i say , and all will be regathered… but saving some time to some of u is for me a good enough reason for such a big post


Now this is a great post thanks a whole heap for this Ragnaguard! These,are the sorts of things which benefit countless members of the community. I have bookmarked your post. And this is some of the stuff I wanted to see discussed in the dev stream. For most of our PC bretheren they have been able to adjust to these changes gradually, a couple at a time. But for us it is 10 months worth of backed up changes, new features, and a new terrain we havent even set foot on yet. It kind of feels like were going to be playing a completely different game.


yeah especially in the beggining will be a new game!!! recipes will be in different benches , u will have to make up for the costs and ofc the stats of ur armours will be different!
thralls will be different , traps will be different , ur routines will be different and many benches will get new recipes as most of the purge recipes r now available on benches with any t 4 thrall (suited for the bench ofc)…

so better be prepared, it will save all of the console players that will take what i posted into account some time! :smiley:

glad that many guys read the post openminded!


You forgot one very important thing, kill and save as much elephant hide as you can because elephants will become significantly stronger and at the same time give much less elephant hide - Other than that a really good list of what console players can expect, there’s no doubt they will be feeling much of the same frustrations we did when they redid so much stuff :slight_smile:


If u need specific elephant hides yes… thick hides though is a different option!

the thick hide will be easier than u think on next patch… any t 4 tanner will be able to stich hides (transform 3 hides and 1 twine into thick hide…) so easier way will be skin humans (places like summoning place or black galeon can give u a ton of leather really fast) and then simply stitch normal hides to thick ones!

do not forget that all purge thrall recipes will be bound on the benches when the patch will hit consoles (and that is why i adviced to postpone steel production… the re inforce ability makes iron to steel ratio drop from 5:1 to 1:1)

besides i find as best place for thick hide source the frost giants (who also level fast ur thralls as well ) and easiest the gorillas…

but since new patch u will see that way easier will be the stitch hide recipe because can be combined with other tasks as well (like thrall hunting)

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Great tips!

I’m now making a base, structures and decorations, other than the stone consolidant any other specific changes to buildings/items that should be crafted now prior to the patch?


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