A friendly reminder to all console players... (Upon oncoming patch)

i just tried the legendary kits! strange cause @ my tinkers bench only the blacksmiths and armourers that have the hammer icon (tempersmiths) have the recipe…

any possibility u on modded server?

Another great source of ichor are the komodos in the Dregs and the jungle. I use a Black Blood pick, but a Star Metal pick should yield an incredible amount of ichor from these guys. The salamanders in the jungle and the desert also produce ichor, but I think it’s at a slightly lower quantity.

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So as it seems the big day is really close!!!

gl to all out there!!! :smiley:

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Outstanding guide! Any tips on what the newest best follower or thrall and locations? Im still rocking dalinsia snowhunter.

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some thralls seems broken in the new update! i am not the one who u should trust on thralls though ( i only use em inside the wine cellar… for any other dungeon only if i speedrun it a thrall comes with me.
but i would most definattelly se my daicas or spinas or erii or kisthis… i am also an old fashioned guy that uses only 2h weapons (swords specifically) for thralls and do not care if they do not have top gear (most of my thralls use the papyrus sword or khari greatsword for example or teliths sorrow…)

my volcano thralls keep doing their 3 jit combos (as they used to ) but as i said u may wanna ask someone else (or someone more experienced may consult u) as i am a noob when it comes to thralls

I would go for Beastmaster Teimos. Not the highest damage output, but he’s an almost guaranteed spawn, levels as fast as a T1 thrall, and has hidden damage and healing multipliers. More info in this thread:

nope. I am on Siptah official PVE.

for pve u mostly target the high damage as no other thralls oppse any threa! so the higher the damage output and the more aggressive the thrall , the faster u kill npcs…

that is strange! but what the name of the blacksmith is if i may?

It’s Hecksmith??? The one from the very small camp in sw of siptah that respawns slower than normal, like 60min.

i am aware of no “hecksmith” m8! blacksmiths r either edgesmiths , Tempersmiths or Bladesmiths…

so post a screenshot of ur sayings…

Sorry…the name is The Henpecked I believe. not at my pc right now. He is an Edgesmith (shield icon).

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I really want to comment on this thread, but a 6 week forum ban means i have to be very careful of the criticisms I make now.

u can send me a message… i will not report u nomatter what u will write in there.!


As long as the meshing system works then Im stoked. We have a group of meshers come to our server about 4 weeks ago (ocianic 2960), in a last ditch effort to wipe us and get a foothold on the server before updates release. We have held them off at a great loss of sleep and personal hygiene. Thing is funcom they are laughing in your faces as they know there will be no punishment. Have tons of clips of them in the act but that does not seem to be enough. …maybe have communally elected admins with rights to remove exploiters… I would do it for free.


Hey Ragnaguard, can I send out a request for some additional tips related to the changes…?

Could you also write a post giving some tips for using the new changes to the core mechanics, namely the Stamina, Healing and Shield changes among others. Got any recommendations for them? Because console players are yet to use these too…


i could give my personall opinion , but keep in mind that i have a special playstyle and i use no thralls , so tips will be based upon how i like to work with those aspects i will comment…also i speak as a pve player…
1st the healing system …
Ambrosia is ur friend… all food is now meh upon healing (only god food is kinda usefull) for they fill hp over time (the effect is named sated and heals up to 17hp per second for two mins) … i personally prefer something easy (like lasting meal ) for overall use and i use only 2 god foods (i prefer derketos as it boost ur stamina regen and jhebbhall for the sunken city dungeon as it gives 1 min of underwater breathing)… Ambrosia will be (if nothing changes) the only healing thing that has no animation (thus breaking no shielding, or attacking) and is the best option to be used mid battle. the amount it heals its not massive , nor very fast , but does the job… the wraps r ur option for when the battle is over they heal a great amount of hp but take more time to use than potions or aloe and u r vulnerable during their use … i personally do not use em at all
lastly the potions … some r way too expensive (like lets say up to 25 lachemical base for a potion + aloe leaves ) this makes em a no go to me… i am not willing to spend time over farming something just to heal up… in pvp maybe they r something but in pve the best cost to result potion (always for me) is the infused aloe (25 aloe leaves and 1 alchemical base per potion) … i ussually have 10 on me but 99% of the time some dodging and ambrosia will do the job…the potions animation is 2 secs and ur vulnerable during the effect…
a nice side effect we had (but i am not sure it still is on - so if anyone knows plz confirm) is that healing arrows now stop the bleed effect… if u pass through the healing cloud the bleed effect is removed… again it is something i do not use , so someone confirm that this is still on

shield change is great! when u block u now loose a part of ur stamina , so infinite block is not a thing anymore (like lets say we face kingscourge and one blocks all the time…) ur stamina wont dissapear rapidly , but u will have to think how to avoid something eventually as u will run out of stamina at some point… the block stun u experience when u deplete ur stamina is bad… it is a big opening for anyone to hit u…so better watch ur stamina while u block … the most common mistake i did in the beggining of this change was to hold block when i was near the end of my stamina after a combo to an enemy… when i used that when near stamina end block is not an option all was fine… this calls for strategic changing ur battle playstyle , but when u get u used to it brings a bigger depth to the fighting mechanisms and u feel like u r untouched when u succesfully manage to finish a battle and avoid sometimes smart ur opponents (which is easier than more people think eventually)…
ofc these changes all at once means that u all may die when facing some opponents (and yes u will die in places u did not died previously ) , so at the beggining u may wanna take gear that is replaceable and can be replaced

A fair warning i would like to call is that when the patch was implemented at us (pc) in the beggining the thralls’ weapons sufferred durability loss… so better take off ur thralls lets say croms swords (as noone wants to get it destroyed on a thrall hand… unless u have no problem refarming it) … the issue was patched to us and now the durability loss is not happening , but better safe than sorry

also keep in mind that up to this day if u die underwater or u drop a loot in water that is deep enough to go above the loot bag , u may not be able to retrieve it (and this goes for ur body as well)… so carefull not to drown and do not exchange things at water (lets say inside the lake under the mounds obelisk) prefer solid ground (if u do though , gather some stuff and drop em also so the bag gets bigger and out of water so u can select it…)

now the stamina use… there r two big changes… the way u loose stamina… and the way u regain it…
the stamina now is being lost in tiny fragments when running (like when u climbing with improved climbing gear but more rapidly) which means u can control it better as the bar vanishes in a continuous way now and not chunks falling off it…
Armour no longer affects climbing ability (u can easily climb the same with heavy , medium and light armour now) what significantly changed is the way u gain stamina … in a light armour is faster , and in a heavy armour is slower… they both slow down more when u r overencumbered , but heavy takes too long… and this is the main reason u will love derketo feast in new patch… helps out this thing… keep also in mind that no rolling when overencumbered at all except if u have 5th perk in encumbrance… so daggers become ur friend if u want to move faster than walking when overweighted(equip and light attack every second for faster pace).
also if u time correctly the roll , u completelly avoid the dmg of an npc…
and the running attacks! they r great to catch up npcs that run away (like when they loose aggro) but man watch out when u running and u r pressing attack near cliff edges (yes fall from the ship at Black Galeon can kill u XD) so carefull u may not wanna surprise Captain ioshuwa or the trio that stands ath the side of the ship … sometimes u dash more than the ground u have and i ensure u our characters have not unlocked flight yet XD :stuck_out_tongue:

i find the changes above quite interesting as they have made combat a more tactical situation than brute force… needs time to adapt to the new playstyle , but it is way more interesting than the old one…

also (if not done yet ) the hard worker perk will move to survival 30 and the efficient butcher one will be gone… a uselles perk will take its place (halves the drinking needs from waterskins…) , no idea who thought of this but i am prettysure he was drunk … XD

however some items will be more usefull after this change… shield of zawbeth (+5 survival ) and witchdoctor mask (+10 survival ) r real gems for whoever has them… as they can both be used with any tool at hand… black blood tools r also now a bit more valuable as they give +5 bonus to survival as well… making u spent less points to reach the 30 survival to hit hard worker perk if u r interested in harvesting…as a side effect some new builds will be need to be invented upon new patch to achieve desired perks in harvesting mode…

also do not trust ur armours… craft new ones… in the best bench possible … with named thrall … new attributes on armours may amaze u or change the way u rock around at least in fashions way!!!

also do not be afraid to experiment with new weapons… and playstyles… if i have something more in mind i will come back but that is all i can bring up atm @Croms_Faithful … hope u enjoy the new patch…


Great job Ragnaguard! Seriously, this thread is going to serve me and no small amount of other console players out in the coming weeks. Great tips mate.


i hope so m8!


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