A funny gag if sorcery every comes to Conan Exiles

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I see the title as this. Conan Exiles: Now with sorcery. Bryan you can stop bugging us about sorcery.


I’m gonna laugh if the NPC we learn it from is named “Bryan the Skull” or if it’s learned from journal scraps called “Bryan’s Codex of Skulls # X”


It would have to be


Be funnier if there a huge book that gives your scraps for food. It is a mimic that knows all sorcery spells. The mimic been using power hungry exiles to make the mimic life easier. The mimic never leaves it’s cave. Why leave when others seek to give you food for knowledge. 30 pieces of meat for 1 scrap. The mimic also has a mini pool of water near it. Mimic needs water too.


Youd think after like 18 months of starting threads every week on it with zero results, you would get the message that it aint happening.

You’d think the same of people posting about undermeshing, thrall AI, blocked brimstone, etc :rofl:

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Dont forget about mounts! The only thing most asked for than sorcery.

I still support the idea of a decorative set: a table with a skull in a pentagram and if you approach it it says “magic!”
It HAS to be done ^^


I agree, which is why when you look at these forums you see more upset people about the state of the game, and the declining player base less then 30 days after each “patch”.

We have mounts now.

That was it.