A game loop to "force" raiding/defending on PVP officials

I would like to see a mechanic like the purge, but slightly different.
Utilizing gods, altars, and some restrictions, i think it would make for a great war mechanic on PVP officials.
Rules and execution:

  1. Random clan gets a notification to leader (based on purge meter). Accept, and you will have 1 hour to upgrade an existing T3 altar to the legendary Altar with sepcial zeal put in clan leader inventory. This zeal cannot be removed from your inventory unless placing in one of your T3 altars. Once placed in that T3 altar it would upgrade immediately to the legendary altar
  2. If the legendary altar is created, no one on server can upgrade any altars to T3 during that time.
  3. The Altar will be specially marked on maps for all to see.
  4. It cannot be demolished by clan members.
  5. Over 1 week, the zeal will fill by itself. Once full, the weapons and armor will fill the inventory of it, and you have 24 hours to remove the items before it all decays.
  6. During that time, any other clan that can destroy the altar, creates a purge at the place the altar was at, with a bosses, and a random God attack.

Sounds way out there I know, and maybe a pipe dream. But this mechanic could force some great PVP melee and actual raiding with a purpose and big reward.

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this could be a whole different game idea, that’s cool though. Kind of like massive chalice, the forces of evil (perspective always ofc lol) comes to destroy the beacon of good before the superweapon is created. nice dream though


Cool game concepts mostly follow the rule: easy to get into, difficult to master.
I doubt what you propose is a fun challenge. Too complicated setup and unclear objective.

Set up? It is a 1 object.
Objective? Accepting clan gets some truly legendary rare items, attacking clans have a great opportunity to destroy a base for a reason. It would weed out your enemies, and show who are truly aligned on servers. Push the narrative so to speak with a relatively easy to install feature code wise. Gives motivation other than being dicks to each other on the game, and big clans may start actually taking each other on, instead of doubling down on new clans all the time.

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