A gift for funcom

I have been mulling over ideas for a while for a dlc pack. Things I would like to see, etc. then I thought, what if we all worked together to contribute ideas/artwork to help inspire funcom? Maybe this even turns into a proper dlc pack but most likely not. Either way funcom you have full permission to use any of the posts I make in this thread with no issues.

this is the first draft of the light armor set I’ve been thinking over. It is strength based cold resistant light armor with a motif of gold and fur. The male and female versions are mostly the same with the head being the main difference. The name is (Norse Minutemen Armor) basically the idea is these fighters jump out of bed weapon at the ready. The fur needs to be highly receptive To dye so it can be dyed to match hair color. This makes the helmets look like new hair styles instead of actual helmets for people who don’t want to cover their faces with bulky helmets.

Yes, I know my art sucks, you don’t need to remind me. T^T


That art is actually not too bad. And I will totally support cold light strength gear.