A GM told me that they couldn't help me. Is there anyone else I could talk to?

For any number of reasons, GMs may be unable to help players with complications in game. Sometimes it’s a matter of time; sometimes there are policies in place that GMs must follow. In many cases, they literally are unable to help due to the tools we have at our disposal.

In any of these cases, if you feel that your case should be given a second chance for any reason, we have a policy specifically for that. We have a special queue of emails just for having a lead review cases where a GM was unable to help or a GM thought that a player should have their specific situation reviewed.

If you think your situation should have a closer look, visit help.funcom.com and submit a ticket from the email address registered to your Funcom account and let us know that you’d like to have it reviewed.

We know that there are as many edge cases, complicated situations, account problems as there are concrete policies. We know that our broad stroke procedures and systems don’t work for all potential cases. Send us an email. Let us take a closer look. We’ll be happy to help if we can.