A good laugh was had

I can understand the hate this current build is getting to a degree. No one likes to discover that the item that they worked so hard to gather resources for is now gone. However my clan mates and I had last night one of the best nights ever playing this game. First off due to the various bugs introduced via the last patch when we logged in last night we knew something was up. We could hear spiders outside our base for some reason, note: our base is miles away from the nearest spider spawn. So we went outside killed the spiders and went back into the base. Only to discover the place was full of dragon flies (our base is in the desert bio dome ).

Then we noticed that various thralls were missing mostly archers that pissed us off to be honest. so we decided to carry on and do what we normally do explore build and gather resources. Next thing to happen is one of our clan mates calls out that there is a spider in my room and gimp like creature in another. So we dispatch them. Only to discover a Dragon has spawned in the main room downstairs I jest not a fully grown Dragon. So we killed the Dragon not before it killed a number of our thralls. So we are talking among ourselves when I notice a Elephant has spawned on the battlements along with a Bactrian camel who proceeded to patrol said battlement. After we wiped the tears from our eyes and stopped laughing we logged off.

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Sounds like fun. lol

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