A grass corset makes for poor armor

Hello All! I took the plunge a two days ago and am now an Exile.
I’m at level 19 and have unlocked the feat that I believe corresponds to light armor. I am getting prompts to craft and wear a piece of light armor, but nothing but grass/withe clothing appears in my crafting menu. I keep double checking the feats, and the armor icon shows as being green, but also indicates that I need the “Pick” icon and the “Grass Tunic” icon (sorry for the made up names).

I have those two icons showing green too, and I know that they are unlocked because I have a pick and am sporting fiber duds.

What can I do to get my light armor options to appear in my crafting menu? What am I missing?


You will need to make an armorer’s bench to craft, or loot an armor piece from something you kill or from a chest. Check out the Darfari camps, they are usually good for an armor piece or two…


to make more than the basic clothing, you will need to build an Armorers Bench to craft better equipment.
you will have to spend feat points to unlock this.

i hope that helps

Thank you! I may just nose about their camps to see what can be seen…

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Thank you! So once I unlock the Armorers Bench, then the armors that I can currently craft should appear in the craft menu.

They will be in the armorer’s bench (crafting station’s) crafting menu when you interact with the station.

Hi SECconan and welcome to the community! The Armour will then appear in the Armorers Bench’s crafting menu. I would strongly advise that you spend Feat points to unlock Light Armour as opposed to simply looting it. The reason being that you cannot repair the armour unless you know how to craft it, hence your time with it will be short lived. Furthermore, to craft Light Armour you will need Hide, as opposed to grass. So it would be wise to start stockpiling some. This can be obtained from humans and most animals. You will yield the greatest amount using a Skinning Knife. However if you do not have access to one yet, a Hatchet will suffice to. If you have any other questions, or would like further clarification, just let us know.
Good luck SECconan.


What in the ~^%£ is the grass skirt icon? I just can’t think of anything that fits that description?

Grass corset = coarse tunic :wink:


More like a grass vest or breastplate…

Thank you Croms_Faithful.

I do have another concern, after I was able to create the Armorers Bench and create a Light Chest Padding and add to my inventory:

I can’t seem to put it on. I removed the grass clothing, but the equip button doesn’t display when I highlight the light armor in the inventory.

I’m overlooking something…


If you’re playing on PC, just right-click the armor or drag it into the appropriate slot. If you’re on a console, I don’t know how that works there.

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My pleasure! That would depend on which platform you play on. CodeMage has covered the PC method. I am a ps4 player, so for my console you rest the cursor over the piece of armour then:

  1. press □ on the desired piece of armor to equip it.


  1. press X on the armour piece so that it is hilighted, then move the cursor to the corresponding body piece alongside the characters picture (eg- boots to feet), then press X again over that slot.

Let us know if you still have trouble after this. Just for the record SECconan, can you tell us which platform you play on (eg- PC, ps4, Xbox1) and which mode (eg- PvP, PvE, Singleplayer). This will help us to tailor our advice specifically to suit your needs and play mode.


Thanks, I play on PC, but with a controller. I’ll try the drag and drop method.

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The padding is just the first step. It’s then used to create the actual armor which can then be worn.


No problems SECconan. When you get the opportunity let us know your play mode, and I may be able to advise you of a few in-game quality of life improvments.

Light chest padding is under-armor, use it to make the armor you want.


Would that mean that I can’t equip the light padding until I make the light armor? Would the game have to detect both pieces in my inventory before allowing me to equip?

I ask, because I tried dragging the light chest piece under armor to my “torso” slot and it wouldn’t stay.

Quick video to show the process:

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@SECconan making armor requires multiple steps.
after placing the Armorer’s Bench and gather the necessary supplies, you need to create the lining, and then then use the lining as one of the ingredients to craft the armor.

For example, if you want to create the Light Wrap
you will need (1) Light Legging Lining, and (16) Hide

I hope that helps