“A Healthy Community (2xEXP/Mats.) New players welcome!”

Our healthy community is up and running! We are looking for tenants to grow the community.

Currently running:
Double EXP and harvesting.
PVP with no building damage.
Keep your loot after death.
Boosted Stamina.

Our first event is today (Friday)!

Coming soon:
In game Shop.
and more!

Please message “friend_of_sinner” via PS message, or funcom with questions, concerns or advice. Will do my best to reply in a timely manner. Thanks for your patience.

got some discord server? also i’d like to know ip of game serv

This is for PS4, not sure why you need an IP but I am unable to provide that to you at this time.

I do have discord I just made it.
if interested lmk