“A Healthy Community (2xEXP/Mats.)” Recruiting Tenants through June

Our community is fresh and recruiting new players.
Community name: “A Healthy Community (2xEXP/Mats.)”

-New players welcome.
-Experienced players welcome.
-Warriors preferred.
-Questions? message “friend_of_sinner” on PS messenger.

Currently running:
-Double EXP and Harvesting.
-PVP (no building damage).
-Keep your loot after death.
-Boosted Stamina.

Coming July 1st:
-In game Shop- Including but not limited to all DLC items such as building, gear, weapons, pets, etc.
-Weekly Server Events including but not limited to, Arena wars, Death Mazes, Parkour, Archery, Bar Brawls, etc.
-PVP weekends (5pm-7pm) Trial Runs.
-And more!

Please message “friend_of_sinner” via PS message, or funcom with questions, concerns or advice. Will do my best to reply in a timely manner. Thanks for your patience.