A humble request from a homesick Exile to the Map Maker

This is long shot, but here goes nothing!

@darthphysicist you’ve impressed me with your map-making abilities so much. I once tried to see if my PC could handle the memory and system requirements to make my own map. Unfortunately, while I was able to download the devkit and begin playing around with map-making, I can’t work in a reasonable pace with my limited system.

I was born and raised in Maine, USA. I have not been home in 5 years and I am homesick. I live in the state of my husband’s birth where his family lives because his family is far larger than my own and better to raise our child with. It just has not worked out for us to travel to Maine for me to enjoy my home state in so long.

I wanted very much to make my own map that resembled Maine so that I could play in a world that reminded me of where I lived my whole childhood.

Would it be possible Darth, if your next map resembled this amazing place I once called home?

If not, I understand the effort and of course the value of your personal time. I thought I’d shoot my shot. I appreciate your work and look forward to more!



You really need to join my discord and look at my next map images…. :wink:

Think I may have gotten ahead of you!

Short answer, challenge accepted! Dont let the dark images of that area fool you… there’s lots of pretty forests and light snow and heavy snow areas.


Really! May I have your discord link please!?

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DP Modding


Oh wow, you weren’t kidding the coastline is pretty much spot on


A beautiful place, thanks for Uploading photos of your homeland :metal:.

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