A Just Horse homage

Whenever you mount your horse, Just Horse’s intro sfx plays. Or have a reference to him or her in the next DLC. It’d be too obvious and they deserve it.


Just name your horse Just Horse. It’s not a bad name for something that’s just a horse. At least it’s more accurate than e.g. Roach.

Make a Stablemaster NPC with huge “Charisma” and name him Horse. -Neigh :wink:

This dudes Channel is the best for information without the timewasting fluff.

There is a reference to them in game already. And it is a pretty prominent one lately…

This one?

Linky (Wiki spoilers obviously)


I love Just Horse videos. Short and sweet

Yes, that one.

Just Horse is a Youtube streamer. They specialize in very short tutorial videos to help players identify how to do certain things.

I’ve never noticed that. Thank you for the link, that’s awesome. I need to slow my pace and read stuff like that more.

There are a lot of hidden references, Easter Eggs, and shoutouts to people throughout the Conan community in a variety of ways. The wiki has I believe a fairly up to date list of all the known ones.

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