A Legendary or Enhanced Bearer Pack

Either of which would be fine. I honestly dont mind how we acquire it; a drop from a Boss, a Legendary Chest, allow us to means to craft a Flawless version, theyre all good. But an improved version of the Bearers Pack would be very welcomed. Ideally I would like this item to provide a larger boost to Encumberance when equipped than its standard counterpart.


Yes, and one that sits lower on the back. 3rd person view in miserable with the current packs, especially for an archer.


What exactly would you have an improved version entail? Higher AC, better durability, bigger Enc buff?


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One which grants a bigger buff to Encumberance is my ideal version. In fact I should have specified that in the OP. Edited. Although higher durability wouldnt be such a bad thing either.


I wouldnt object Zeb. Can we even dye the regular Bearers Pack? I never actually thought to try it.

Honestly, if all the improved one did was look smaller and not block my view, i would be so happy lol.


I agree with yourself and @sirvink that the Bearers pack currently takes up too much of the screen and visibility. Personally I like the ‘basket’ portion of it, however I wouldnt mind if the blue cloth and small chest parts were removed from its display.


It’s funny. I always save one bearer pack, just because I think I might use it… every time I try it on, I sigh, then remove it.


yea if you got that on and put ur cursor where something is interactive, u cant see s(h)et.

plus archery is out of the question

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