A little help needed

Hello everyone, I am somewhat disappointed in a lot of the changes that Funcom has made with Conan Exiles and have not enjoyed playing on the official servers, so I have decided to run my own private server with more realistic settings and I was hoping that some of you could help me locate some Conan Exile Mods that will replace Combat, Archery back to what they were back before Funcom made the new changes (if there are any mods that accomplish this that is)

What I mean by archery: I don’t know if anyone remembers how the archery was back when Conan Exiles was still in early access but that’s what I’m looking for, Right-clicking only zoomed in to aim there was no over-charge shot and Archery was a lot more fun.

Combat: looking for a mod that either takes the un-needed massive water and food cost away or a total reversion back to classic combat.

I would just do a fresh install and not update to accomplish this but I would lose a lot of the building pieces that were actually a good thing that Funcom added.

I really hope someone here can help me out.
Thank you ahead of time.

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@Taemien this one is for you :upside_down_face:

You don’t need to wait to fire the arrow. If you fire it before it will do a little more damage than a light attack and function pretty much how Archery did in Early Access.

I doubt there is any mod that does this. Its nearly unanimously agreed that the combat system we have is superior to the simple one the game used to have. But I doubt its impossible to make. Check out youtube for modding guides if you want to snoop down that rabbit hole. But if one does exist then a workshop search would be your best bet.

Don’t look at me, my Archery mod has been out of date and deprecated (assuming it works, it would actually nerf archery compared to today’s values) for two years now. But I did give some info that I could give.

Thanks for the reply, searched the workshop already for something but came up empty.

The only other thing I came up with was uninstalling the game and re-installing it and somehow stop steam from updating the game if that is even possible, would be nice if there was a way to play the game without steam running, would make things easier.

disagree :wink:

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No, lets not.

Using 300 arrows to kill something should never come back.


It never took me anywhere near 300 arrows for me to kill things, I was able to 1 shot kill thralls in the desert and 2 - 3 shots to kill thralls in the north, and this was with the 7 damage arrows.

Having the ability to zoom in to fine aim and not be rushed to loose an arrow was nice.

It takes too many arrows to kill anything now… at the start of the game, I shot 20 or so arrows in the face of a Hyena using all my arrows and had to switch to a stone pike to kill it…

With the old bow system that Hyena would have died in 3 shots.

I did a test on the single-player I maxed accuracy used ivory arrows that do 20 damage and the best bow I could find in the admin list and it still took too many arrows to kill anything I was hunting.

Compared to archery when the game first came out, bows now are useless in my opinion unless I’m doing something wrong?

if so can you advise me of what I’m doing wrong, please? I much prefer archery to melee but having to carry around 6 stacks of arrows so I can kill things sux, let alone running out of stamina all the time when trying to fine aim for long-distance shots.

Again I’m not talking about damage, I agree damage is better now
Everything is better except the fun of the old mechanics

Is that better? @Taemien :smiley:

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Are you using M&K or Controller? If its the former, then I don’t really know what to tell you other than you need to learn to get the arrows off a bit quicker. There’s no reason to be low on stamina unless you have like 0 GRT.

If you’re using a controller, you’re gonna want to switch to mouse probably.

No, because like melee the new system for archery is superior. Like I said before, there’s probably a way to mod the combo. So a workshop search will get you what you’re looking for. If not the only option is to craft one.

I can’t get behind reverting a system that people I know universally think is better.

I understand that the mechanics will likely never be reverted.
That doesn’t change the fact that I found the old mechanics much more fun.

I included the emoticons in the hope you would see my post as not overly serious.
A wink and jest to a fellow forum regular.

There are still other aspects of the game I enjoy beyond my preferred combat style.
Truthfully I am getting tired of PVP and will probably try my hand at building for looks, in which case archery will not matter.

So I concede this small victory to you my friend. And wish you health and safety.


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