A Little Love for Sinner's Refuge Please

I run through Sinner’s all the time. It’s a great place to gather brimstone, hide, the occasional named whatever. But, as a faction HQ, it’s pretty weak.

I know the Exiles faction isn’t necessarily organized, but these people have taken over a cave, and their only work has been to build a couple of wood walkways? At least put in some sleeping furs or something. It seems like they would have more torches, a big campfire, some hide rugs, a trading tent/table, anything that indicates a group camp. There is literally one small campfire.

Give it some thought.


How would they build up anything by the rate the player exiles murder them over and over? :smiley:


Murder? Not so. I usually set up a WoP/gibbet there with a sacrifice stone. Nothing goes to waste for those poor schmucks. Murder…bah. It’s like 9 orbs worth of goodness and a thrall to boot.

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Just because you put someone on a slab to kill them doesn’t make it less murder.
It’s just abduction before murder.


Not murder but involuntary spiritual support.


Well isn’t that a twist on the classic:

You steal men’s souls and make them your slaves!


We are all guilty as charge on this one, literally all…
But remember, especially in this “war of clones” there’s no murder actually!
You don’t slave @Barnes but his clone!
You don’t sucrifice the 25th @Mikey but his clone.
You didn’t accidentally kill the invisible @Larathiel, just an invisible clone…
They didn’t manage to kill you in the beginning, but one of your limitless clones…
So no hard feelings i guess, both sides have plenty clones to “sucrifice” for any reason :wink:.

I love sinners refuge, it’s in my heart, not only for the Asuras chosens but because for us the old players, that was exploring a way more difficult game that’s become right now, this cave was our best way to grow strong. It was synonymous to our success. So count me in for a sinners refuge upgrade :+1:t6:.


Idk… I like the idea of enslaving @barnes and forcing him to dance for my amusement. :smirk: “dance, man, dance! I’m at 90% corruption after using too many transportory stones!”

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Personally, I still like his taunts. Sometimes you can get an NPC nearby so he’s activated, and dancing while taunting. So of course I take his pants off! :smiley: (I hope they never patch this)

Very strongly support your call to add some enhancements to Sinners Refuge @speedice. :+1: And in fact, as you will see in the link below, I made the same call back in 2019. But sadly, it received little interest, and people are more interested in laughing at a gag made at the idea. Sorry @SirDaveWolf, no offence intended, it was a pretty good call.

Now look before anyone else makes a point of the obvious, I know that they as a collective faction are relatively impoverished and not especially well established. But Sinners Refuge is a squalor on a whole other level. To the point that some of the Exiles sleeping on the Riverbank have it better. Some of those riverside camps at least have a small chest, a log bench, bonfire and the T4s have basic light (hide) or medium (studded) level armor. But drop the same T4s in Sinners Refuge and they’re all back to rough fibre clothes, stone weapons and the one tent between all 16 of them. Can we not at least drop a few scaled, thematically appropriate furnishings in their like (for example) a stone slab, a dryer, a fur rug, the camping set we saw on the Bazaar, and please add a small chest with loot at the end of it near the monument! And can at least a couple of them sapwn in in their aforementioned armors. I also had an idea that in the main chamber we could even add a second floor/storey of wooden platforming, like The Ashen Core on the Isle of Siptah?

Or as @Bodin suggested, give it a ‘Goblin Town’ inspired vibe and decore. Show us what Sinners Refuge can look like when its full potential is realised.

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Self defense is no murder. :innocent:

What about pre-emptive self defense?

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