A little review since testing the Early Access now for 10 years on Conan

Some players seem to be quite persistent in their attempts to prove the second part of your statement false. The first part is true, though, and the reason why a good player can beat a good thrall in a one-vs-one situation - even if it may take some time. The player may not be able to afford any mistakes in that fight, but in our imagination, we always play perfectly whereas our opponent is dumb.


Eh, nah… You can make lots of mistakes and still beat the very best thralls - and it doesn’t take that long. So killing Siptah’s overland boss “The Judge” is like, a 30min non-stop fight (OMG Exhausting!) and I believe he’s 8k HP. But, I can get my friend’s almost 11K thrall down to a few pixels of health (very close to death), in about 7 or 8min. And mistakes only cost me a potion and walking in circles for 15 seconds.

Can’t they? Have I been playing the game wrong, should I stop?

Oh wait, you’re talking about players who are bad at the game still

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And as I keep saying, you’re wrong: the game is designed to give you the choice whether to use them or not. It’s intentional.

I haven’t found any AI enemy in this game that a player can’t kill. You’re either doing it wrong or you have too much lag.

Like I keep saying, nothing is technically mandatory, even in Exiled Lands. It really all depends on how you want to play. As long as we’re talking about PVE, you have a wide range of choices. Just because people who don’t care about PVE combat can breeze through it with a well-equipped thrall, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, that’s the whole bloody point of the design.

I don’t hang around Reddit, and I don’t know what people you saw here talking about “meta” in PVE. Ain’t no PVE meta in Conan Exiles.



I’ve restarted and played on both maps countless times and I always try to change up my method. I rarely use a thrall as I find it wildly boring, and I can do all the fighting myself. The closest thing to a meta I’ve found is the obvious logic of more damage means better. The weapons are all circumstantially good.

Daggers have their place as invaluable against bosses.
Spears and shortswords are phenomenal for single target combat.
Axes and maces are excellent all around.
Two handed weapons are king for clearing out crowds.
Throwing axes are great for stuns, cripple from distance, and spin attacks.

The only weapons I would consider not good are javelins, bows, and swords. But even still with enough patience and the right build you can make them work if you try.

Emphasis on the try part, I don’t think our friend here tries at all.

Seems like a stubborn situation here but if consensus will help… My buddies and I played CE EL 4 days a week for 4 months on a dedicated server setup and we put all of our legendary weapons in “trophy boxes” and never used them. I don’t think there’s a boss in the game we (at least one of us) didn’t take on and beat. The server settings were default only with the whether set to higher extremes.

As they lost interest and moved to other games I used some of them though. :slight_smile:

Its uneffective. or you want to say that killing 20k hp boss without thrall by dodge 100500 times and kiting is good option?

Well i want to see, how player without thrall will kill thrall with 8-10k hp and a player, he must be king of a kiting then.

okay, i want play with claws, but what is that? There are NO epic claws on EL at all. Or maybe i want to play with dual wield weapons? There are 3 of them on EL, great, all with 50~ damage, top weapons, why i will use em if there are more effective ones? only if im a ■■■■■■■■■ or playing game for 1st time.

i agree, idk who bring meta to that game because its broken and its not a competitve game at all.

I think it is. It’s called having skill and not playing idle game boss farm

If the player the thrall belongs to is on par with your skill level, it really wouldn’t be hard lmao

Straight up not true. Look it up, there’s a wiki

Buddy, throwing axes. Please. You’re embarrassing yourself

Sure. And many of us don’t give a damn. It’s almost as if not everybody cares about obsessively min-maxing their PVE combat style.

There are bosses I prefer to solo. There are those for which I bring a thrall. There are those I don’t fight at all. I’m willing to bet that if you ask 10 different people here, they’ll give you 10 different breakdowns of which bosses fall into which category.

That’s the beauty of it.

Or because you have fun that way. If you only have fun using the most effective weapons, then do that. If you have fun ramping up the challenge using weapons that entertain you, then do that. However, if you want to play Dark Souls, then play Dark Souls. Conan Exiles is not Dark Souls.

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It’s almost as if Funcom put different types of bosses into the game that require different tactics to be dealt with. Crazy idea, right?


:rage: No. :rage:

:rage: Only thralls can fight :rage:

:rage: players aren’t allowed to think :rage:

Funcom should add a mechanic to the game where I can tell my thrall to go farm boss X until they acquire Y amount of drop Z and then return. Meanwhile, I can just chill in my base eating exotic feast and staring at my dancers.

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Have you tried using the Stand and Guard command at the boss spawn? Guess it doesn’t work if the area is a no build one.

Gotta stay there for that to work. Server won’t run it unless there’s at least one player observing it.

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LOL… I wonder if there’s a mod for that? :smiley:

I don’t play games to feel effective. I play them so as to have fun, to challenge myself, to immerse myself in role-playing.

Now, I’m quite competent at optimizing my performance and finding the best solutions to problems. I don’t always choose the most effective tool available, though - because when I do, I lose the chance to improve further. By picking a choice more for flavor or style than efficiency, I can try my best to overcome the obstacles in my way, and if it turns out to be insufficient, then I can reach for a better tool.

And yes, I’ve actually soloed most (but not all) world bosses in the Exiled Lands without a thrall, because I felt like trying whether I can. I may not choose to do so every time because it’s quite an investment in time and effort, but every once in a while I want to challenge myself and feel like the hero of the story.

Bottom line is, there may be a “best” way to do things, or at least the most effective way to do things - but there is no single right way to do things. That’s what people are trying to argue with you.


Skill, in CE, seriously, what a joke.

Yes you are. Glad you’re coming to terms with it


Now you ve become personal, okay

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Well, yes, seriously. I am constantly amazed by people’s inability to recognize their own skill. It’s not just the ability to use the mouse and keyboard in a particular fashion, but all the knowledge and experience we accumulate as players, not as our characters; the application of said knowledge and experience into strategies; and the ability to optimize our performance in any given tactical situation.

You, yourself, talked about effectiveness (or lack of it). You probably know what’s effective and what isn’t because you’re skilled at the game, not because someone else told you so.

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