A Look Back and the Way Forward



Hmm Nice, Good Job.


I’m still tryna wrap my head around why and how zamorian thief set is cold weather gear.

I mean for all their talk of realism and lore, and then you gonna give me the Halloween sexy nurse version of a hijab? Then tell me to wear it in the snow?


the bare legs (tho i though they added stockings) but still, a croptop isnt really cold weather gear…


Yeah There’s stockings but bare mid-erift, bare thighs, (bare аss really) most your arms are bare…

You’d be begging for actual frostbite in that getup.


hahaha…really gave a good chuckle on this one. That is one of the most comfortable silk garments to wear while strolling in the sun…I use a nicely colored turban with it…sun drenched beauty. :heart_eyes::wink:

The other one I have a good laugh at is Ymir’s Aegis. Ok…a Frost Giant God with frozen goodies to make…but…the Aegis gives Heat Protection. Whaaat? hahaha :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::tired_face::rofl::joy:


it does? i though it gave coldprotection since its an ice god… have to check it at my altar iguess. (once my game doesnt crash when loading up my save… #attempt27 )


To quote Funcom “You are buying cosmetics, not power”

Uhmm… Bullshìt?

Have you guys seen this stats on the new ‘Khitan’ weapons and armor?

Generally a grade ABOVE Acheronian on weapons and generally better than most epic feats on armor…


Tried to slide that one by Funcom? Guess we’re gonna go the p2w route eh?


Well… since the last update my game wont load a sp world and im not going on official servers cause they are toxic with foundation spammers etc.

Why buy stuff when you cant even play? They didnt think this through.


I only compared the stats on the 2H-Sword, and it appeared to be the same base damage as Acheronian – it was higher than star metal though. Without another look, I am assuming the stats are equitable to their level 10 and level 60 counterparts, i.e. it is not a buy to win (because, it does not have more power than what is already available without purchase). Who would want to buy a Khitan weapon the does no damage, or a set of Khitan armor that offers no protection?


You Need to look again then because Khitan weapons generally offer a point advantage over Acheronian. Acheronian 2h greatsword for example is 52 health dmg Khitan is 57.it’s a clear advantage, and thats the about the same for all other weapons

If no one is going to buy a sword that doesn’t do any damage, (but then thats also kind of how cosmetic items usually go). If they wanted to make these weapons functional they should be the same stat as the Acheronian stuff, not better for them to be ‘cosmetic’. So yeah, you are buying an advantage here.


Is the Khitan 57 the elite version or the standard version?


I will check again when I am able to log into the game. Although, even if you are correct for the stats on the Acheronian and Khitan 2H-Swords – which I will concede is supported by Flissa’s Steam guide – There are also Obsidian Greatswords (60 damage) and Telith’s Sorrow (66 damage), and many other 2H-Swords with damage ratings exceeding 60. I will not concede my core argument that the weapons and armor in game are at least equitable to the Khitan dlc, and as illustrated above, likely exceed the Khitan dlc when getting to higher tier weapons and gear.


The problem, is having said gear having the same stats acquired by buying dlc as the ones you have to progress to obtain. “Cosmetic” should apply to a regular stats, make it similar to Hardened Steel, this way will make more sense.


I just don’t see a distinct advantage, considering many playing the game now are likely already at cap with access to more potent weapons. Additionally, the lvl 60 Khitan sets won’t unlock until you are lvl 60, at which time it is conceivable that the player has already unlocked the more potent recipes or obtained legendary rated gear by participating in group content with helpful clansmen. We will simply have to agree to disagree.


Cosmetic should just be a reskin of the same type at the level they intend. If Khitan weapons have a lower level and max level counterpart, their stats should be identical to what ever is normally available at that level. Otherwise it isn’t -just- a cosmetic option.

Maybe pay to win was a bit of a jump, but calling them ‘cosmetic’ isn’t accurate either.

My concern isn’t so much these particular weapons, because as noted there are better rated weapons in the game presently, that’s not really the point though. My concern is what happens after? If we don’t hold them to purely cosmetic now, what stops Funcom from releasing another ‘cosmetic’ pack down the line where the stats are better than the highest tier weapons?

Precedent is set here.


Had a thought on this one whilst driving home. Have some fun with this. Lighten the atmosphere! :smiley:

So…maybe the Aegis’ heat protection is actually Correct! Here is the thought…Since it is ‘Frozen Fur and Leather’ it has ‘Continuous Old World’…get this…Air Conditioning! :wink::heart_eyes::sunglasses: So…HEAT PROTECTION!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::relaxed:

Ok Ok…I have the answer on the Cold Protection for the Zamo set too! Since…get this…We are soooo Haawwt in this sexy clothing…We can never be cold…COLD PROTECTION!!! :tired_face::rofl::joy:


This, I definitely agree with. They should have referred to it as what it turns out it is, new weapons and gear rated for lvl 10 and lvl 60, but equitable with current lvl 10 and lvl 60 gear obtainable in the base game – which I cannot think of a precise word for…


Yep, to be honest the low tier weapons are not usable for most of us, as I dont think many low level players will get khitan DLC. Those rerolling a char on a new server etc, maybe.

So only the epic versions will be usable, and they need to be worth being used, without being too op, unfair, or the best in slot thing.

For me, they should have had damage values among the top tier, and the tier inmediately before top.

They could even have played lil bit with damage and penetration numbers, and give them a stats mix from the best weapons, without being top.

OR just being skins, with exactly same value than the existing weapons. Imo, what we have now is not either a middle point or just skins, but an almost higher tier than existing.

Not exactly what I look for in this DLC, which again, im getting 100% sure.


the khitan pieces at 60 are better than the other point buy recipes, but are worse than the recipes you can unlock through exploration of dungeons, so it’s within the realm of acceptability. If they maintain all future DLC at the Khitan level then we’ll be good, as it’s a nice baseline. That said though I do think the Acheronian pieces should be brought up to it since Acheron was supposed to be the height of weapons technology


Please don’t add or even promote anything new to the game before you sort out existing problems.

Why won’t you learn!? :’(