A Look Back and the Way Forward



Problem is, and this shows with many games throughout gaming history… when a player quits a game the majority of the time they -do not- return. Funcom will have to rely on bringing in -new- customers once they’ve driven away the original players. It’s ok to them though because we’ve already paid 50 bucks for the game and now there is no more money to be made off us. It’s especially players like us who will not return once we quit. We are pushing through the bugs because we enjoy the game and there is some faintly glimmering hope that all will be well soon. Players like us hold on, and hold on, and eventually if things do not change we become numb and no amount of promise for the future will revive our hope. Then we will finally leave and move on to something better. Like a falling in love with someone who’s emotionally vacant.



Hardcore players bouncing out…it happens…often.

I am not concerned that players are leaving. PvP does that to games. Players come in, rush to the end of the game, stomp around in PvP for a time, then declare the game boring or broken before moving on.

As of players with over a thousand hours that do not recommend the game…I be wonder why they played so long if the game was bad. It sounds more like someone is upset because they didn’t get what they wanted from the developer. They are using the rating system as a way to throw injury at the game title. I do not take those marks as serious because it does make sense that some played a game so long when they did not think it a good game.


When are you guys planning on fixing the blue screen issue on ps4 servers i literally just lost all my ■■■■ for the third time in two days because of it, as well as why does your character load in before your screen had loaded? Ive been killed a lot by that as well. Like why not fix everything before coming out with new stuff? Also you guys are sensoring ■■■■ and t!ts really? This game has t!ts and you can change the size.


My assumption is that the Aquilonian stuff will be the next DLC, and it is just in there as an advertisement. I haven’t seen a release date yet.


They came out with the khitan stuff without fixing the bigger problems with the game, rubber banding is another one to add, also why make it to where you cant shoot arrows in first person?


I sadly also gave this game a thumbs down on steam. I’ve played about 100 hrs now from early access and as much as I still like this game, its just too much of a buggy mess to recommend it to any other fellow gamer.


I’m still to figure out why they didn’t go the logical route and load favorited servers first (AKA servers with your characters on them). But hey what ever, clearly they have their shìt together and know better than we do…

Oh wait!


I went the other route. I support the game. It is innovated and enjoyable. The “buggy mess” is dependent on the individual and the platform. I play on a PC with gaming power; I do not seem many bugs.


I would like to see in the game buildable traps: pressure plates to activate sliding walls, falling ceilings, retractable spikes, fire-breathing statues, secret passages…)


I’d personally love to be able to build through the land mesh and be able to make dungeons or a basement, which goes with your trap ideas very well me thinks :slight_smile:

Having a dungeon themed building tiles available as construction option would be extra cool too :smiley:

Of course it might not be PvP compatible/balanced… but I personally don’t care, I’m more on the RP side of things, and the game SHINES as a sandbox/building and RP-ing framework… and not for its Pvp/survival gameplay.


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